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Enslaved to a gothic, Victorian house of the underworld, an orphan plots her escape but is haunted by the secrets lurking within the house. Rich imagery, a deep and immersive world, and a blend of hand-crafted and digital visual effects saturate this gothic, Victorian ghost story written and directed by Rachel M. Taylor, best known for her award-winning short Avarice.

Inspirations Behind Solus

The film's inspiration comes from the desire to tell a story about oppression. There are so many people in the world who feel trapped and weighed down by their situations in life. Every day is the same, and I have heard so many stories about people crying daily the minute they wake up in anticipation for what lies ahead. I've been in that situation myself, and I know that it can seem like hope is beyond your reach.

I took that feeling and created a world and a character around it. Lulu is chained to a house and has been for 80 plus years, performing the same unfulfilling tasks day in and day out. She's trying to escape, but she's tired. Discovering hope is the farthest thing from her mind because she's almost forgotten what that even feels like. This is the story of how she tries to escape not only a house of the underworld but the oppression that is gripping her soul, and I hope that it offers some comfort and inspiration to others who are experiencing the same thing.

Support This Project!

Solus is a short film currently on fundraising platform Seed and Spark, and climbing towards its goal to enable production. Being filmed in Memphis, TN, the campaign for Solus is offering some really unique incentives, particularly for those interested in the artwork and props construction that goes into the behind the scenes of fantasy films. The most notable incentive is what is called "Lulu's Padlock," and is basically the demonic lock that has latched itself to the character, chaining her to the house of the underworld. It's being designed by Eric Quick of Midsouth Effects and promises to be truly a one of a kind collectors item for film buffs.

Other incentives include other props from the film along with concept art and a storybook opening companion. The movie will begin as an illustrated storybook by Memphis artist Terri Scott , and one of the incentives is actually the book itself.

Other than interesting incentives, supporting films like Solus are how they get made. The campaign has to reach 80% of its goal or we forfeit everything we've raised. So basically, if you like the trailer and the team behind it, you get to decide whether it's made or not. If you want to support without financial contribution, you can actually do that as well on Seed and Spark. You can sign up to follow films and get all the updates on their progress, and it's a really great way to show support to the filmmakers.

So check out Solus, and if you like it, show us some love, and hopefully we will get to bring you more films in the future!


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