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With the newly minted DC Films, it's clear that Warner Bros. has no sign of stopping when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. And now actor Stephen Amell wants to get in on the action.

In a recent interview with CinePop, the Arrow star revealed he'd be down to graduate from DC's TV universe and head to the big screen as Batman villain the Riddler.

When asked which superhero he'd like to play on the big screen, Amell said:

"I always get this question. I think all the superheroes are taken now. I'll play the Riddler, OK? It's a villain, but I like the Riddler."

The Riddler made his debut in 1948 in the pages of Detective Comics Issue 140, and has been a mainstay in Batman's Rogues Gallery ever since. The character has consistently used his penchant for puzzles, riddles and elaborate traps to torment the Caped Crusader and cause chaos in Gotham City. Jim Carrey previously brought the villain to life in 1995's Batman Forever, and the Riddler was initially rumored to appear in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. We know Ben Affleck is hard at work developing a solo Batman adventure, which would be the prime opportunity to bring the Riddler back to the big screen.

Amell might want to play the Riddler, but the actor's starring role as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on The CW's Arrow could prevent him from any appearances in the DCEU. The brand has stated that its television universe will not crossover with its films, and that policy likely extends to recognizable actors.

Do you want to see the Riddler make a big screen return? Who do you think should play the villain in a film appearance? Let us know in the comments.

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