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Super strength, shape-shifting, healing factor, and telepathy are all powers that people usually jump to when people are asked what powers they's pick.

But in the imaginary world of comic books, there are a plethora of powers to choose from. There are people who leave their bodies and travel through the astral plane. Guys made out of rocks who can explode and reform from nearby rocks. There's even a woman who can teleport not only around the world, but to other dimensions. While all of those are cool, here are some of my favorite underrated powers and the people who wield them.

The Flash

When people hear The Flash, all they can think about is that he runs fast. And while that may be the most base way to describe his powers, what he can do with his speed powers makes him one of the most dangerous people in the comic book universe.

Besides being able to run fast, the Speed Force (the source of The Flash's powers) allows the wielder to have a variety of powers such as superhuman speed (duh), superhuman endurance, increased perceptions, accelerated healing, decelerated aging, and so much more. Running fast is easily the weakest thing he does with his powers.


Great Moment: Outrunning Death Flash #141: The Black Flash

How does someone outrun Death (Black Flash)?

By being so fast you can speed through time. The Flash ran Death to the point in the future where death ceases to exist. And after that, The Flash kept on running.



So what? All he can do is make ice. Sorry, but no. Iceman's powers are actually very complex. Yes, he can make ice, but how he makes the ice is the impressive part.

Iceman can take the moisture in anything, including and usually in the air, and manipulate and turn it into anything he can imagine. Over the years, Bobby Drake has become more confident in his abilities. This confidence has made him use his powers to create ice clones of himself that he's used in battle -- and even beaten the Red Hulk with.

Iceman still has a ton of untapped power. So much so that Thor himself is afraid of what Iceman could do if he ever reached his potential. Just another day in the life of an omega level mutant.

Great Moment: Freezing all of Hell Amazing X-Men #2

People always say, "I'll do that when Hell freezes over". Well, you people should start collecting those debts because Bobby Drake literally froze Hell. Granted, he immediately fell right over from exhaustion, but how many people can say they did something that impressive?

Scarlet Witch

There was a time when Scarlet Witch's powers were nothing more than just causing random things to fall in place for her and things going badly for everyone else.

As time went on, her powers got stronger and she tapped into something she called Chaos Magic. With this new power, she could shape reality and create all sorts of physical constructs. She eventually went crazy and used these powers against her teammates (thanks, Wasp). If not for Dr. Strange, Wanda would have killed The Avengers.

Great Moment: No. More. Mutants. House of M #7

Wanda recreated reality. Let me say that again. The Scarlet Witch recreated all of reality. Not a pocket reality or just the present. Everything that the 616 Universe was, Wanda recreated in her image.

She gave all her loved ones everything they wanted in life and even made her father -- Magneto -- king of the world. But Wanda giveth and Wanda taketh away. With three words -- "no more mutants" -- Wanda erased the mutant gene in over 90% of people all over the world before putting the world back the way it was before she left. That is true power.

Invisible Woman

When villains go up against the Fantastic Four, they aren't afraid of the giant rock monster, the genius stretchy man, or the guy that can burn like the sun. What makes them shake in their knickers is what Sue Richards can do with her invisible force fields.

She stops bullets with ease, she's knocked out the Hulk, and blinded Wolverine by putting a force field in his optical nerve. Sue continues to grow more and more powerful as time goes on. Show knows how strong she will be when everything is said and done.

Great Moment: Stopping Thor Civil War #4

Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym created a clone of Thor to help in their fight against Captain America and his resistance. Thor had just killed Bill Foster (Goliath) and was about to kill Cap's team with a giant lightning bolt. Luckily Sue stepped in and protected them with a force field. If Sue hadn't intervened, Robo-Thor would have certainly killed them all.

Multiple Man

Some people might look at Madrox's powers and think that they're weak. But knowledge is power. Now imagine you can send multiple versions of yourself all over the world to learn different things and once they get back, you absorb them and gain all of their knowledge. The amount of things you can learn from all over the world is endless. Languages, martial arts, sciences, and who knows what else. Sure, you're only creating more of you with no powers. But you're creating am army of yourself with a library full of knowledge and skill. A literal army of one.

Great Moment: Zen Madrox: Multiple Choice #4: The Bigger Heat

Madrox sent one of his duplicates to learn kwai chang martial arts. With that martial arts training came some enlightenment. Zen, balance, Yin and Yang were all things Jamie was now attuned with. Before Jamie could be shot by one of his rogue duplicates (they go rogue at times), while he once had to absorb his dupes by touch, he could now absorb his dupes from across the room. Which, as you could imagine, shocked caught his dupe off guard and gave Jamie the opportunity to escape

Which superpowers do you think are underrated?


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