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At this point, you've likely seen Captain America: Civil War and either found yourself cheering for Tom Holland's Spider-Man, or hating it and wishing he were gone. Regardless, he's here to stay, and a Spidey as young-looking and pre-pubescent as Holland needs a Mary Jane to match.

Here are 16 actresses who could play Mary Jane on the big screen!

1. Jane Levy

At 26 years old, Levy is a tentative six years older than Holland. Despite this, Levy is no stranger to playing teenagers, having previously played teenager Tessa Altman on ABC's Suburgatory. A natural redhead, Levy has more than enough experience under her belt, and could be a perfect pic for Mary Jane!

2. AnnaSophia Robb

A minuscule two years older than Tom Holland, young actress AnnaSophia Robb could be the perfect Mary Jane. She's had roles in a number of movies, most notably Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Violet Beauregarde, and Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia — a role she played opposite The Hunger Games alumnus, Josh Hutcherson.

She's looks young enough that next to Tom Holland's Spidey, her character would be believable.

3. Willow Shields

Hunger Games alumna Willow Shields, is four years Tom Holland's junior. With quite a young-looking face, her role as Mary Jane opposite the equally young-looking Holland, would be undeniably beautiful. She has an already impressive resume behind her courtesy of The Hunger Games franchise (in which she played Primrose Everdeen). Shields could potentially be a brilliant choice.

4. Dakota Fanning

Twilight alumna Dakota Fanning is an accomplished actress with a sparkling career behind her. She's been acting since she was a child, and aside from Twilight is known for her roles in a number of kids films such as The Cat in the Hat, and Charlotte's Web. She played the lead in the 2012 movie adaptation of Before I Die (Now Is Good), a role in which she did a brilliant job. With extensive experience in the business and only two years older than Holland, could Dakota Fanning potentially be the next Mary Jane?

5. Hailee Steinfeld

At only 19 years old, Hailee Steinfeld is one of the younger actresses on this list, but don't let that fool you into thinking she wouldn't make a brilliant Mary Jane. She's around the exact same age as Holland. She's well on her way to success with a singing career behind her and a promising acting one. A role in a successful Marvel franchise could be just the thing she needs to boost her career, adding to the list of roles she's already had. She's had roles in Begin Again opposite Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, as well as playing Petra Arkanian in Ender's Game. Most recently she starred opposite Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and more in Pitch Perfect 2.

But could be the Mary Jane to Tom Holland's Spidey?

6. Chloë Grace Moretz

Like Steinfeld, Moretz is around the exact same age as Holland, at 19 years old. She's built up an impressive resume for such a young starlet, most notably with her role as Hit Girl in the Kick Ass movies. Since then, she's gone on to a play a wide array of characters in a plethora of genres. Most notably, her role in The Equalizer opposite Denzel Washington, Carolyn in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, and roles in two young adult adaptations If I Stay and The Fifth Wave.

She's a brilliantly talented actress, just waiting for the massive role she so obviously has the talent to play. Could Mary Jane Watson be that role?

7. Rosa Salazar

Rosa Salazar is 10 years Tom Holland's senior, but has had roles in multiple YA franchises, playing much younger than her age. She's starred as Brenda in The Maze Runner franchise, and had a role in The Divergent Series: Insurgent. She also had a small role in American Horror Story. She's a pretty talented actress, and like a lot of the ladies here, a role in a Marvel movie could be the big push to their career that they need.

8. Juno Temple

A full six years older than Holland, Temple could potentially be a good choice for Mary Jane. She's been in the business for awhile, playing a number of roles younger than her years. She is most notably known for her roles in St. Trinian's, Maleficent and Horns, all of which she did brilliantly in. She also looks young enough that across from holland, her Mary Jane would be believable.

9. Nicola Peltz

21-year-old Nicola Peltz is most notably known for her role as Bradley in Bates Motel and most recently, her role in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Like a few of the ladies above, she is also around the exact same age as Holland, and with her role in Transformers, is no stranger to a large franchise.

10. Bonnie Wright

25-year-old Bonnie Wright is most known for her role as red-headed Weasley, Ginny in the Harry Potter franchise. She's not done much since, going on to study and generally living a slightly quieter life, but a role as tempting as Mary Jane could lure her back into the industry and back into the spotlight. We've seen her mature and grow on screen — her acting ability with it — and with the entire Harry Potter franchise on her resume, she's more than experienced enough for a role such as Mary Jane.

11. Kaya Scodelario

At 24, Kaya is only four years older than Holland and has had more than enough experience playing younger characters. She's most notably known for her role as Effy on Skins, Teresa in The Maze Runner franchise and has recently garnered the lead role of Carina Smyth in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

She's a wonderfully talented actress, but could she be the next Mary Jane?

12. Lily Collins

27-year-old British-American actress Lily Collins is a well-accomplished star with a bevy of movies to her name. She is most notably known for her role as Clary in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, her role opposite Taylor Lautner in Abduction, and her roles in Love, Rosie opposite Sam Claflin, as well as Mirror, Mirror, opposite Julia Roberts. She's an extremely talented actress, and has no problem transforming herself for a role, having previously dyed her hair red for Clary in The Mortal Instruments.

13. Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is 11 years Tom Holland's senior, but she's no stranger to playing a teenager. She's most notably known for her role as Allison on MTV's Teen Wolf, a fan favourite despite her character's death in Season 3. She has a large fanbase, and is more than talented enough to tackle a big franchise like Spider-Man. Despite her 11 years on Tom Holland, she looks young enough to play a teen, and should she wish to do so, could potentially be a brilliant pick for Mary Jane.

14. Holland Roden

Continuing on with Teen Wolf alumni brings us to Holland Roden. Roden plays Lydia — a banshee — on MTV's Teen Wolf and has done so for some time. Like Reed, she is no stranger to playing younger than her years, and at 29 years old, has more than enough experience. She's a natural redhead and in addition to her role on Teen Wolf, has had roles in House of Dust and Bring it On.

15. Maisie Williams

19-year-old British actress, Maisie Williams is most well known for her role as Arya Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones. An incredibly bright and bubbly young star, Williams could be a perfect fit for Mary Jane and a wonderful addition to the upcoming Spidey franchise. Outside of her role on Game of Thrones, she's had roles in Corvidae (a short film), Cyberbully and The Falling. Her on-screen older sister Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) has gone on to play Jean Grey in the X-Men Universe, so what's to say young Maisie can't go on and covet the role of Mary Jane?

16. Katherine McNamara

20-year-old Kat McNamara is the exact same age as new Spider-Man, Tom Holland. The lead in Freeform's Shadowhunters playing Clary, McNamara has also had roles in The Scorch Trials — a role she will reprise for The Death Cure as well as her role in Happyland as Harper. She's a talented actress with all the charm and experience necessary to tackle a Marvel movie, and as a natural redhead, could be a perfect fit for Mary Jane.

There's been no word yet on Sony casting for the role of Mary Jane, but if anyone could do it, it'd be one of the 16 talented actresses on this list. All young enough or young-looking enough to be the new Mary-Jane, these actresses have the experience and looks to be a wonderful addition to the new Spidey Franchise.

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Who would you like to see play Mary Jane?


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