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Viewers have been asking when Cisco Ramon is going to get the Vibe costume and become the superhero he's meant to be. Well, according to the man himself, the suit is on its way. In an interview with Comicbook back in May, Carlos Valdes, the actor portraying the science geek of S.T.A.R. Labs didn't reveal a whole lot when asked about the suit. In fact, he remained quite coy, but one can infer from his reply that we should be expecting the suit soon.

“Reason would have it, that’s all I’m gonna say!”

But actor Jesse Martin, who portrays Joe West, followed that up with some details of his own. According to,

He teased that it would not be long before fans see Cisco suit up in other than his Vibe goggles, since his full superhero costume is “coming soon.”

By now, we're all ready to see that red, black, and yellow costume, but even when Cisco dons it, the actor has revealed that it's only going to be a part-time gig.

"I think Cisco, more than anything, is a scientist at heart," the actor said. "He's a mechanical engineer, and he's a geek! So I don't think that's ever not going to be a part of him. There's nothing more exciting to him than embracing the unknown."

Keeping Cisco in the forefront is a good thing. He's far too valuable to the team to leave the tech stuff to anyone else. How many times has Cisco come to the rescue with one of his off-the-wall creations?

I won't go into all the reasons why Cisco is so necessary to Team Flash as Alisha Grauso covered them better than I could in her article "4 Reasons 'The Flash' Season 2s MVP Award Goes to Cisco Ramon". But I will add that Cisco is a dedicated team member and a team player. Taking him out of the lab and putting him into the field and the line of danger constantly would take a cog out of the wheel.

Team Flash works together as a well-oiled machine, and while I'm looking forward to seeing Cisco suit up, I'm also grateful he'll be keeping his collection of eclectic t-shirts.

So what do you think about Cisco becoming part-time Vibe? Were you hoping for more of a full-time superhero position for him?


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