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Norman Reedus is a popular man these days, and not just with the ladies. Among rumors that Reedus could play Marvel's Ghost Rider, The Walking Dead star also stars in his own reality show while shooting Season 7 of everyone's favorite zombie show.

As if that weren't enough, Reedus has another upcoming project that's just been unveiled at E3 2016, one that Reedus aficionados should check out at once by clicking play below.

Hideo Kojima's new game stars Reedus in the way that God intended. That's right, Death Stranding will finally allow fans of The Walking Dead to to play with a naked Daryl. Admittedly, the computer generated version of Reedus is no match for the real thing, but we have to work with what we're given, people.

The PS4 exclusive reunites Reedus with Kojima, who worked together on Konami's Silent Hills project before a fallout between Kojima and the publisher led to the project being shelved indefinitely.

We were all affected, Reedus. Not just you.
We were all affected, Reedus. Not just you.

Silent Hills would have been a strange game, there's no doubt about that, but it seems like Kojima has set out to one-up himself with the promo for Death Stranding, which features a disappearing baby, spooky hand prints and dead whales abandoned on a beach that wouldn't look out of place on The Walking Dead.

If that doesn't sound like your kind of thing, then the trailer for Death Stranding is still well worth watching thanks to a beautifully haunting score by Icelandic pop group Low Roar and Daryl's beautifully sculpted abs.

And those buns.
And those buns.

Right now, we know as much about the gameplay of Death Stranding as we do the story — so basically nothing — but the eerie dreamscape of Kojima's latest project has got us excited just the same — and no, that has nothing to do with Reedus. Well, maybe a little.

While we wait for Kojima to announce an official release date for Death Stranding, check out Reedus in his new reality show, Ride With Norman Reedus.

What do you think of the E3 trailer for Kojima's next project, Death Stranding?

Well of course you liked it, Norman.
Well of course you liked it, Norman.


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