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Who hasn't practiced their Jon Snow impression at least a few times? Go ahead, try it out. We'll wait.

One Canadian comedian by the name of Steve Love has mastered not only Jon Snow but basically all of the Night's Watchmen, along with a few favorites from Kings Landing and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Check out his highlights reel from Season 6:

After posting his voices for four consecutive seasons, the hilarious Love made quite the *impression* on the producers of Game of Thrones. They offered him a cameo in an episode and even flew him to Northern Ireland for it! He made his official appearance in last Sunday's episode "No One," playing that guy in the woods that gets a surprise butthole fingering...

...before The Hound hacks his head off.

Since it's basically the greatest show of all time, it's a huge honor to be invited for a cameo — even a disturbing one. Just ask the guys from heavy metal band Mastodon, who got personally invited by Dan Weiss to appear in Season 5, Episode 8 as a bunch of Wildlings.

Mastadon on Game Of Thrones
Mastadon on Game Of Thrones

Of course, this wasn't the first time Steven Love had been noticed by a GoT major player. A year ago, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! via webcam as part of a Jon Snow-impressions contest, judged by none other than Kit Harington himself.

Game of Thrones will return this Sunday on HBO. Check out the trailer now. And don't forget to catch up on 7 Things You Might Have Missed from last week's episode.

Did you recognize Steve Love's cameo on Game of Thrones?


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