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Love. It's both a verb and noun we throw around to describe an intense emotion of affection, warmth, fondness and regard toward a person or thing we care deeply about.

A Merovingian stated in The Matrix Revolutions:

"It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity."

We have to ask ourselves, was the Merovingian far off in his statement? Or is it true that we as human beings torture ourselves to find and keep love in our lives?


In Titanic, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) discovered the hard way how social class and status can affect a relationship. And let's not mention the fact that he was making a move on another man's girl. Social status has always been an issue in the conversation of love.

Most of us don't own Lamborghinis or Ferraris; we drive normal cars and work regular 9–5 jobs. So how do you compete with people who drive lavish vehicles and wield limitless money and power? Well, Jack Dawson set the stage in 1997 — or was it 1912?

He was able to convince the woman of his dreams that she was trapped by her upperclass upbringing and that living a life without freedom wasn't much of a life at all. Rose (Kate Winslet) states that Jack saved her "in every way that a person can be saved." Inevitably it all fell apart, seeing as they were victims of one of the greatest maritime disasters of the 20th century.

But before his demise, Jack taught us that you don't have to be rich and powerful to be worthy of love. He showed us that beneath the surface we are all the same, and ultimately we just want to love and be free.

Of course, it all sounds so simple. But what do you do if a parent decides they don't want you to find love with their offspring?


A.J. Frost (Ben Affleck) had to play a little secret squirrel with the love of his life Grace Stamper (Liv Tyler), who's father Harry (Bruce Willis) tried to shoot a hole clear through him. But I'm guessing that with Earth on the brink of extinction, courtesy of a giant astroid heading straight for us, one has little choice but to set one's differences aside to work together for the greater good.

A.J. showed us that if you simply just become a world-saving hero, it will calm tensions with the future father-in-law who didn't see eye to eye with you or approve of your intentions with his daughter.

Independence Day

Let's just assume for a brief moment that we're able to move past all the issues of social status and parental resentment and simply be free to love and live happily.

Unfortunately, like too many relationships in the modern era, we break up for silly reasons and move on to the next. But do we ever really move on? When David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) discovers a countdown to the end of humanity in an alien broadcast, he is forced to make contact with his lost love Constance Spano (Margaret Colin), who just so happens to be close to the US president.

Constance initially appears to have no time for David, but in the face of world-ending danger, we almost have a situation similar to Armageddon, in which the hero gets the girl after she witnesses his heroics and genius. Eventually, Constance comes to terms with the fact David has always been in her heart, even going as far as to say that she "never stopped loving" him.


Estranged spouses Bill (Bill Paxton) and Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) are another example of how tragedy and heroism can bring a relationship full circle. As a couple of young storm chasers in love and working to understand weather patterns with the help of their project Dorothy, both seemed inseparable.

Certain events led Bill to movie on, but as noted, intense situations always seem to lead former couples back together. Though in Twister, I'm not even sure if the situation they were in is what led to their reunion. Rather, it could have been due to the two chasing down the same goal, using technology in a bid to save lives from inclement weather.

I don't think love is dictated by what your social status is, what kind of house you live in or what kind of car you drive. Ultimately, love is about two people coming together to achieve a common goal, whether that goal is saving Earth from an alien invasion, trying to stop a giant asteroid, chasing tornados, or just deciding where you want to eat dinner (which can be a task, trust me). Movies have at the very least taught us that love thrives in intense and abnormal situations. So don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, travel, explore and see the world together.


How important is love to you, when facing the apocalypse?


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