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Last year was a turning point for Nick Jonas with the massive success of his singles, Chains and Jealous, which lead to the re-release of his self-titled solo album (that even included a new song called Levels). This success positioned the Jonas Brothers alum for an even more triumphant 2016 and dropping his new album fittingly named, Last Year Was Complicated, will inevitably try to serve as another watershed in his career.

It's more than apparent that in the last few years Nick Jonas has drastically changed and settled for a more provocative and seductive image, while focusing on making pure pop music. Consequently, it is hardly a surprise that his newest video for his single Under You (a part of Last Year Was Complicated), co-starring Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell, may be his most alluring one yet.

The video takes us to a completely shattered room on a rainy night, with Nick contemplating the reasons why he couldn't make things work with his girlfriend (played by Mitchell), while apparently trying to channel his inner James Bond/Harvey Specter wearing a tuxedo.

Meanwhile, the video shows us Mitchell in a different room with a look of sadness and regret on her face, sitting on a bed displaying her gorgeous legs, while wearing emerald and diamond drop earrings.

Next, the video unfolds in a sequence where both characters realize the mistake they've made and Nick jumps in his car in the hopes of winning back his beloved one ("I'll never get over not getting under you").

Finally, the video picks up the intensity as Jonas enters her apartment and sees her on the floor in the shower. This culminates in a glorious making out scene full of wet clothes, dripping water and passion.

After things get more than steamy, the final moments of the video show us Nick exiting the shower with a concerned look on his face, perhaps pondering the future of his relationship.

Here is what the 23-year-old singer said about working with Shay Mitchell to E! News:

"Shay is amazing! She's obviously gorgeous and an amazing person. I think she matches her beauty in her personality. She's really sweet... she was willing to dig really deep in the video. It's an emotional song and required pretty intense acting situations as well. I thought she killed it"

Under You is the fourth track from Nick Jonas' third solo album and it's certain that it'll be a crucial part of the singer's upcoming Future Now US tour which starts on the 24th June in Sunrise, Florida and will be co-headlined by Demi Lovato.

Source: Daily Mail

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