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Game of Thrones is definitely one of those shows that makes fans crazy, pondering all the possible theories of what might happen going forward. After every episode, we get sucked into the theory vortex, and by the time the next episode airs, we’re hoping for one of those theories to be true — they rarely are, though.

The latest episode of Thrones did a fine job of single-handedly debunking a whole bunch of those theories in a mere 66 minutes. Although there are plenty of theories still doing the rounds, let's take a moment to say our goodbyes to the five theories Game of Thrones disproved this week.

1. Arya

After the Waif managed to attack Arya in broad daylight on the streets of Braavos, Terminator style, the fandom exploded with wild theories. It turns out, Arya wasn't Jaqen in disguise, Syrio Forel wasn't behind the Waif, Arya and the Waif weren't the same person (Fight Club-style), and Arya and the Waif hadn't swapped faces (Face/Off-style).

Sadly, as YouTuber Emergency Awesome pointed out, it was all simply down to inconsistencies in the show; Arya being left-handed but using her right hand, her demeanor while walking through the streets, her attire and the absence of Needle were only continuity errors, apparently.

Kudos to another YouTuber, New Rockstars (and all you fans out there who didn’t fall for the theories, like I did), for guessing that Arya would lure the Waif to her batcave and fight her with Needle in the dark. Bravo!

2. Clegane Bowl

A real bummer, this one.

Bringing the Hound back — possibly as Gravedigger from the books — was quite awesome, but the timing was a little too perfect for Sandor to be fighting his brother the Mountain. With the Mountain being Cersei's champion in a trial by combat against the Faith Militant, many of us thought that the Hound would be the Faith's champion.

As of the last episode, however, we see the Hound with the Brotherhood Without Banners, seriously considering following them north to do “more good than he did wrong” in the past. Personally, I think Clegane Bowl might still come to pass, maybe in the next season, so let's just say it's been postponed for now.

3. Trial By Seven

Due to the teaser for Episode 8, where we see the Mountain ready to face seven of the Faith Militants, many assumed the show would go for a trial by seven (see Dunk and Egg stories). It would fit — and, let's face it, it would be awesomely gory — but again, it didn’t happen.

The Mountain only gets to rip one guy's spinal column out before calmly walking back to his master, a smirking Cersei. Don't you just wish he had done it to Lancel instead? I know I do!

4. Tommen The Faith Champion

Yes — as surreal as it sounds, this was a theory, too. The idea that the weak teenaged king could be made to face the Mountain in combat was too good to be true. We would have gotten a completely insane Cersei as a backlash, but she's making her way to insanity on her own anyway.

Last Sunday, we saw that Tommen — almost certainly as a pawn acting on behalf of the High Sparrow — banished trial by combat from the Seven Kingdoms. That left Cersei having to find a new way to survive her trial, and we’ll have to quench our thirst for blood elsewhere. Perhaps next week's Bastard Bowl will help!

5. Lady Stoneheart

Every since the Red Wedding in Season 3, the resurrection of Catelyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart has been one of the most hyped theories for TV show fans. If you don't know who Lady Stoneheart is, you can find out about her in this awesome post, but suffice to say she would kick down the doors to the Seven Hells and make many a character pay for the Red Wedding massacre.

In the books, she's deeply associated with the Brotherhood Without Banners and owes her life to Beric Dondarrion, who gives his life for hers. Seeing as the episode "No One" gave us a very much living, breathing Beric — alongside Brotherhood member and Red Priest Thoros of Myr — exercising justice in a Lady Stoneheart kind of way, it's safe to say she’ll remain solely in the books.

There's also the thorough denial offered by the author George R.R. Martin, pointedly stating that there will be no Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones.

Luckily for us fans, there are still two episodes left in this season of Game of Thrones, and there are still some really good theories to go with them, like the aforementioned R+L=J, Daenerys and/or Cersei going mad, who the dragon riders might be, and what Bran's visions mean. There's hope we’ll get to see some of these unfold yet, so fingers crossed for "Battle of the Bastards" and "Winds of Winter," since we’re left without any episode descriptions for those two.

Game of Thrones episode "Battle of the Bastards" airs this Sunday on HBO.

Which Game of Thrones theory do you think is true?


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