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I knew this day would come eventually, I just hoped that when it did, I'd be standing on the other side of the argument with a winning smile on my face. Bummer. It appears that HBO's continually loose adaptation of the George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire series is taking another leap in their own direction. And this time, they're taking the hopes and dreams (and potential viewership) of so many fans with them. Before I continue, I must warn you: SPOILERS AHEAD! ONLY READ ON IF YOU WANT TO KNOW/HAVE SEEN WHAT HAPPENED IN SUNDAY'S EPISODE.

In Sunday night's episode, titled No One, a lot of stuff went down. We saw Arya defeat the Waif, the Blackfish was killed at Riverrun due to the backstabbing/blackmail of Edmure Tully, Brienne reunited with Jaime and then fled his invasion of Riverrun, etcetera, etcetera. But two major plot points, concocted in the displeased and hectic minds of the show's rabid fan base, were near completely destroyed by a single actor in a single episode. Who could that be? Hmmm.

If you guessed this one-eyed dude, you were right. Beric Dondarrion, portrayed by Richard Dormer, made his miraculous return to the series in Sunday's episode. And by doing so, he's crushed the hearts of so many fans who were praying to the seven and the Lord of Light that their fan-favorite Frey-killing zombie Stark would be making her highly anticipated appearance. Confused? Let me explain,

As I've stated in articles before, Catelyn Stark (following her untimely death at the Red Wedding) is resurrected when The Brotherhood Without Banners stumble upon her deceased corpse floating in the river. Her resurrection is performed by Beric Dondarrion after Thoros of Myr refuses to do it himself. And by passing the kiss of life to Lady Stark, Dondarrion forfeits his own life. See what I'm getting at here? In No One, Dondarrion is revealed to be very much alive and still very much at the head of The Brotherhood, a position taken by the newly resurrected Catelyn Stark as she takes on the mantle of Lady Stoneheart. So, that kind of puts a damper in that fan theory. Effectively cancelling out a future appearance in the show as it nears its end.

I'll let Moviepilot contributor, Jack Carr, explain the fault in the other fan theory with his article here. Hint: It has a lot to do with The Hound and The Mountain. Oh and King Tommen the Killjoy.

Oh, Hold On a Second! There's Still a Sliver of Hope!

For those who don't know, at the end of Sunday's episode, Brienne and Pod were seen escaping Riverrun as it's overtaken by the Frey and Lannister army. The two are seen by Jaime fleeing in a boat down the river and on to bigger and maybe better things. Jaime and Brienne part with a bittersweet wave that ultimately ends the chance of them ever having another polite and friendly reunion ever again.

Now, for the sliver of hope for Lady Stoneheart: HBO is being particularly tight lipped about the final two episodes of season six. We've all seen by now the preview for episode nine, The Battle of The Bastards, the ultimate confrontation between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. However, we are still a little less than a week away from getting even the slightest glimpse at the season finale. A potential leak from the Game of Thrones team says that one plot line circling the season six finale has to do with Brienne and Pod coming face to face with a friend turned foe.

Now, I don't know if people remember, but Brienne doesn't exactly have a ton of friends. Pod is already with her, she's already run into Jaime (who'll be headed home to be at Cersei's side), and the Starks are nearing Winterfell with an army at their backs. Who could that potential friend turned foe be? I suppose there's a slight chance it could still be Jaime. Stranger things have happened. But I'm willing to bet against it and I'm willing to bet it's exactly why HBO is keeping the season finale such a close-to-home secret. Check out the preview for Battle of The Bastards below!

What do you think? Are the chances of Lady Stoneheart appearing completely over? Let me know in the comments section below!


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