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The Stage Play, Set 19 Years After The Harry Potter Books Is Selling Tickets For Up To £2000

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was originally sold out until tickets were put up for resale on an extended date. During a pre-screening of the stage play, rows of seats were left empty as fans of the wizarding world reused to pay for tickets that are priced exponentially more than the original price they were selling for.

The stage play has been sold out for months now. When it was announced to the public a stage play was going ahead, tickets sold out in a flash. But diehard Harry Potter fans have reportedly been paying £2000 per ticket, which have a face value of just £30. With tickets being priced at this extortionate price, it has had an effect on the audience itself.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ending Scene
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ending Scene

Reports from the media are saying only "half of the highest tier at the Palace Theatre in London for the two-part performance was filled and some fans even moved to lower level seats that remained empty."

One source said:

"It's unfair. Fans are desperate to get tickets, but touts snapped a load up and then made them too expensive to get. On the first two nights there were loads of fans hoping to get some returned tickets at the box office but many were turned away."

Fans have also taken to the internet to express their opinion an criticize the show for dividing it into two parts. The play can be watched in two parts all in the same day or on two separate nights.

"I do find that doing it in two parts is a deeply cynical move. Fans forced to buy tickets twice? Shame on them." — Anonymous

From here on, every week, tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will resell 40 tickets on the official website for some of the best seats provided in the theater. This is currently known as "The Friday Forty."

Tickets will be priced at £30 during previews, which is £15 per part, and from August 3rd onwards, tickets will be priced at £40, which is £20 per part. The ongoing production — which is written by Jack Thorne and authorized by J.K. Rowling — is being classed as the best theatrical event of the year.

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