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I'm a huge fan of the Fast & Furious movies! I can hardly believe it's been 15 years since the first one debuted in movie theaters and became the monster it is today.

I am also a Hot Wheels collector since I was young and one of my favorite things to do was imagine plots and create a universe, with each car representing a character.

Some of the early ideas were inspired by the first and second film, but with eight movies into the franchise (and at least two more to come), I think there's enough material for some interesting side-stories or spin-offs. Here are a few of my ideas:

1. Destruction Derby

I'll start off with the movie I actually wished became reality. As a fan of the Destruction Derby games on the PSOne, it'd definitely be interesting to see a whole film involving Roman's return to the destruction bowl, along with Brian and Toretto. Opposing them would be a Jamaican driver called Bishop (bear with me) and his crew of wannabe bad-asses.
There would be some wrecked muscle cars and loads of fender benders!

2. USA Cross-Country Race

While we've seen the idea teased before in other mediums, mainly in Need For Speed: The Run, the idea of having a Gumball 3000 kind of race sounds pretty cool. Even as part as an undercover operation, led by Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody, this would definitely show off the cars and what they're able to do in different situations, as the challenge gets harder and harder towards the finish line.

3. Race Wars: A Fast & Furious Prequel

Race Wars is seen as an almost religious event for gear-heads and is the stage where the original gang raced as a team, beating opponents one by one. This was, of course, until Brian O'Connor came into the picture.

Set before the new millennium, this chapter would focus on Torreto's original crew, featuring Letty, Vince, Leon and Jesse and their tuners and how they turned from street racers to professional thieves.

4. Australia

To be honest, this is virtually the only place we haven't seen in the franchise. Think about it: how cool would it be if they were sent to the land of the most deadly creatures on earth to drive some powerful cars? Imagine Torreto making friends with a kangaroos and a few koalas, while kicking ass with Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana!

5. F&F: 2035

With Brian O'Connor's son now a grown man, he'll definitely want to take on his parent's legacy and ride some of the most powerful futuristic (but not too futuristic) cars — and maybe even bikes.
Involve some new type of synthetic drug and a dealer with a code of honor, mix in a few of those (electrical) curved beasts designed by BMW and Audi, and I think we'll be ready, set, go!

Go way back to the race that started it all in the video below:

Where would you like to see the Fast & Furious gang go next?


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