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Daredevil is blind, but he makes parkour look so easy. Even without sight he glides across rooftops with ease. Sure he has super heightened senses, but parkour while blindfolded couldn't be that hard right? Well apparently it is.

Turns out vision is important.
Turns out vision is important.

The Youtube channel 'FrigginBoomToys' deals in cosplay and the most popular series on the channel puts certain cosplay outfits to the test of...well, running and jumping off stuff. They took a Netflix style Daredevil costume to an obstacle course training gym to see if a regular guy can still do parkour when he can't see and the results were...less than impressive. Check out the full video below.

So do you really need super senses to do parkour when you're blind? Yes. Without doubt. And if you can't get superpowers a little practice wouldn't hurt.

Wanna see more FrigginBoomToys? Check out the channel here.


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