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With the success of the Marvel/Netflix relationship and the way the movies are performing on the big screen, there should be a huge expansion of characters coming in the near future. There are so many characters yet untouched, that offer unique story-lines and diversity for the next class of superhero/villain debuts, that it's exciting.

I have picked a small group of characters that can really take off on Netflix or the big screen. Each of these characters has something about them that can really bring new audiences in and enhance an already great cinematic universe. Whether it's Marvel, Sony, Fox, or Netflix- we can all agree that fans will love to see the live action versions of these characters done right.

Alpha Flight

The Canadian supergroup has always had a firm corner all to themselves in the Marvel universe, and with good reason. Guardian, Northstar, Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch, Vindicator, Shaman, and Snowbird are some of the coolest characters never to hit the mainstream of Marvel heroes.

Northstar has been the most popular as he is the first superhero to come out as Gay. He's been featured in X-books as a major character in some of the biggest story-lines. Wolverine also has a past with Alpha Flight and it would be nice to see this team be given a live action movie or Netflix show because their stories deserve to be told.


Simon Williams-Wonder Man

Simon Williams WONDER MAN is definitely one character that fans can't wait to see in the MCU. He was a creation of Baron Zemo, and since we have already seen him in Civil War, we should be treated to this wonderful character onscreen, and maybe we'll see him in the near future. Nathan Fillion (Castle) is reported to play Wonder Man on the next Guardians of the Galaxy in a cameo. Maybe we can see Wonder Man play a more crucial role in Avengers: Infinity War?


Morbius-The Living Vampire

Michael Morbius was a biochemist that had a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself of the infliction with vampire bats. What occurred after was the creation of a new breed of bloodsucker. Originally a Spider-Man villain, he has been featured in Ghost Rider, Blade, and Doctor Strange stories and since all those characters are on the live screen, or on their war then we should hope to see Morbius soon.

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KA-ZAR and Shanna The She-Devil

Marvel's answer to Tarzan and Jane, these two characters are definitely unique in this universe. They are both inhabitants of the fabled SAVAGE LAND, a hidden prehistoric jungle filled with Dinosaurs under Antarctica that became a big part of the X-Men universe. They have the gifts of being able to communicate with the animals, and of course are in peak physical shape. Now that the XCU has rebooted, and we're going in the direction of the great stories of the 1980s, these characters would be great to add in a Savage Land movie. There is a possibility that we may see Kazar and Shanna in a Spider-Man movie one day.



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