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Everything we need for an educated guess as to the plot of Transformers: The Last Knight is already available.

JoBlo's exclusive report as to the rumored plot of the next Transformers film may indeed turn out to be true, but the report goes so far as to ignore all the details already available in the last film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. I know it seems silly to defend continuity and mythology in this franchise, but the connection is so obvious that it's impossible for me not to. In fact, it seems so obvious I wonder why I haven't seen anyone else reporting it.

Optimus Prime IS the last knight.
Optimus Prime IS the last knight.

How obvious? Optimus Prime is referred to as the last knight in Age of Extinction. It's a moment that, admittedly, is easy to ignore, as it comes in the midst of expository dialogue, but it's there, plain as day.

Hints In Age of Extinction

When Lockdown, who has spent the movie hunting down the remaining Autobots in search of Optimus finally captures Optimus, he explains why. Lockdown was sent by the Creators, who sent "knights, crusaders" out to "explore the universe." Lockdown refers to Optimus as one of these knights, created by said... Creators for this purpose, and Lockdown claims he's hunted them all down--except for Optimus.

Apparently, the Creators had plans for their knights more specific than "exploration," as Lockdown explains how the Autobots co-mingling with the humans on Earth "upsets the cosmic balance." The Creators want to "wipe their chessboard clean" (another allusion to knights), which is why Lockdown ultimately arrives on Earth to find Optimus.

Now, it's entirely possible that JoBlo's supposition that Merlin will be involved is accurate--especially since Lockdown's ship hosts an armory at the center of which is a round table surrounded by swords. It's also par for the course for this franchise to reveal hitherto hidden history between Earth and the Transformers.

What Does This Mean For The Movie?

None of this, of course, explains how returning stars Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel fit in, along with reported new cast members Isabela Moner, Jarrod Carmichael, and oh, yeah, Anthony Friggin' Hopkins. Good money's on him voicing one of the Creators.

Nor does any of this explain Megatron's role in the film. He survived the events of the last film as Galvatron, but one of the film's recent teases made it clear that he's returning. Odds are, whatever Optimus discovers out in space will bring him back to Earth, where he'll find Bumblebee, the rest of the Autobots, and the humans, engaged in whatever plot Megatron has cooked up.

Megatron's got schemes coming out of his rivets.
Megatron's got schemes coming out of his rivets.

It feels like I'm splitting hairs here, but Optimus is clearly at the center of this, as the Last Knight, and Transformers: The Last Knight is definitely going to take nearly three hours to resolve all it's set up. Optimus will more than likely redefine his role as a knight, bringing him into conflict with the Creators, and whatever lessons he learns from that conflict will aid in his fight against Megatron.

I think the franchise peaked (such as it could) with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but each film has an enjoyable quality to it. Thing is, Age of Extinction was exhausting, with most of the action just... happening. I know, it seems absurd, but Revenge of the Fallen actually managed to keep things focused--as much as this franchise can be focused, anyway. Here's hoping that The Last Knight can take advantage of whatever Optimus discovers to provide clear and high stakes for whatever's going on on Earth.

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