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There's something to be said about having a big brother who is the Green Arrow. Seriously, I don't think anyone would turn that relationship down. Over the years, Oliver has proven that he will do anything for Thea, even if it means crossing the line. Of course, Oliver doesn't exactly live on the right side of the law, but when it comes to his dedication to his baby sister, he's even been known to break a neck or two. Take a look at five times Oliver protected Thea whether she wanted him to or not.

1. When Thea Gets Arrested For Driving Under the Influence

Even though a plea agreement was reached after Thea was arrested for driving under the influence, the judge had decided to use Thea as an example to others. There's no way Oliver was going to let his little sister go to prison. So, even though he knew he'd be pitting his ex-girlfriend against her father, he sought out her help, asking her to talk to the judge. Laurel was able to work out a deal which Oliver had to practically force Thea to take. In the meantime, Oliver focused on taking down the man responsible for doling out the drugs that almost got his sister killed.

2. When He Was Willing To Lay Aside His Vow To Honor Tommy's Memory

When Oliver returns to Starling City in Season 2, he made a decision not to drop anymore bodies. He knew there had to be another way, but when the vigilantes from the Glades kidnapped Thea, he was willing to dishonor Tommy's memory by putting arrows into them. Fortunately, he found another way, but it was his determination to save her no matter the consequences that makes him a powerhouse big brother.

When He Protected Thea Even When She Thought He Was Dead

(Skip ahead to 2:14 in this clip)

When Oliver returns to Starling City at the behest of Amanda Waller, he can't resist catching up with his sister. Imagine his surprise when he runs into her dealer. Determined to keep Thea away from drugs, he tells the thug to stay away from her. We all know how well that worked out for the drug dealer, but it was the only way Oliver knew how to protect his sister.

When He Gave Into Ra's Al Ghul's Demands To Save Her Life

After Thea gets stabbed, and Oliver is in the hospital with her, falling deep into despair, all he can think about is saving her. He can't lose her because she's all he has left. He knows what Ra's Al Ghul wants, and the second Mateo tells him there's a way to save Thea, Oliver doesn't hesitate. He heads to Nanda Parbat, willing to give up his own life to restore his sister's.

When He Fought Meryln To Remove the Bloodlust From Thea And Save Her Life

With Thea on the verge of death and Nyssa Al Ghul holding the promise of a cure, Oliver is faced with a decision that doesn't take him long to make. Amputating Merlyn Malcolm's hand is a small price to pay for the elixir that will eliminate the Lazarus Pit's blood lust and give Thea a normal life.

In the end, Oliver paid for that choice by losing his son and the woman he loved, but, as Thea's big brother, he's proven time and again, there's nothing he wouldn't do for her.

Thea is the only family Oliver has left, and her love means everything to him. I don't think Oliver would be the same without Thea in his life. What he does for her isn't because she is a relative; it's because he needs her. Remember when she was in Corto Maltese, and he called her several times, leaving messages that said he just needed to hear her voice? Thea makes up a big portion of his foundation.

A man that will risk everything is a man that's already a hero. Oliver Queen shows more than his love as a big brother when he lays it all on the line for Thea. He proves, yet again, he doesn't need a mask to be a hero. Now that's the kind of big brother anyone would wish for!

What do you think of Oliver as a big brother? Do you think he would change if Thea wasn't in his life?


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