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"Who do I think I am?
Good question, really, and I'll answer like this:
I've seen too much to be Robin,
but I'm still too optimistic to be Batman.
I'm Nightwing."

That is how Dick Grayson who trained under Batman as the first Robin, describes himself after giving up his costume and adopting a new identity- Nightwing, and becoming a founding member of the Teen Titans.

Nightwing is one of the most popular DC characters which hasn't been converted to a show yet. Being from a family of acrobatic circus performers, Dick Grayson has trained under Batman longer than Green Arrow did on the island, and at a younger age than when Bruce started training to be Batman. Like Netflix's Daredevil, every episode of Nightwing could have amazing fighting sequences, with impressive dialogues along with which they could also show his deep relationship with Batman. It is not even necessary to bring Batman to the show, just mention him once or twice every 2-3 episodes so that we all know that it is connected to the DCEU movies.

Master Grayson, you are Dick.
Master Grayson, you are Dick.

Although trained under the Bat, Nightwing is like the blabbier version of Batman. While his fists and knees would move like the Dark Knight, he would keep blabbing around much like Spiderman does, though probably not as much. As long as CW doesn't kidnap the show and introduce a Team Nightwing, like it has with Flash and Arrow, things will be fine and fans will be happy. Can you imagine the disappointment of the fans had Daredevil been a CW show with a Team Daredevil fighting half his battles for him? Ew, right?

There are plenty of story-arcs of the Nightwing to choose from. And DC is going to release Nightwing: Rebirth #1 pretty soon. I hope Batfleck seriously does consider a Nightwing TV series alongside his movies. Fans are craving for it, and will go nuts when the series does come out, if it comes out.

Nightwing Year One #1
Nightwing Year One #1

Sometimes it is necessary to move out from the huge shadow cast in Gotham by the Bat, and create your own identity. And be awesome at it.


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