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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

Ah, yes the summer is upon us! Beach days and camp outs are in order but you know what? There is always room for a good scream-fest at the crib. Invite some friends over, order some good food, and pop in a movie that will scare the piss out of you.

So, with you and your friends in mind, I have put together a list of five movies from the 80s that will entertain, disturb, and frighten you my friend. Now, I will warn you, be very careful of what you eat while watching these flicks, it may upset your stomach!


This movie from the great Larry Cohen was initially released in 1985, and starring Paul Sorvino, and Garrett Morris, really made me rethink what yogurts and marshmallows I eat. A full on gross out, proceed with caution!


There was this trend in the 80s that Heavy Metal and devil worship went hand in hand. Funny urban legends about albums that, if you played backwards, would reveal incantations in demon speak to summon something completely evil. Well this movie plays up all of that! Starring Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons, Marc Price, and Tony Fields, this is the story of the infamous rocker Sammi Curr, and his return to the stage, sort of.


If there is a list of scariest looking female vampires from the 80s, Grace Jones has to be near the top! Her role as a blood sucking stripper was no joke, and her fangs were something else. You'll never look at another stripper the same again.


This one still gives me nightmares! You know that curiosity to play inside a funeral parlor on a dark and scary Halloween night? Well, these kids find out what happens when you poke the dark world and the demons decide to poke back! Don't get any ideas!

...and last but certainly not least:


For a long time, when you mentioned werewolves the first image that popped in your head was the famous Lon Cheney monster. Well, this movie made you forget The Wolf-man ever existed. Starring Dee Wallace, The Howling was an innovative movie with special effects and a story-line that was five claws up!

There you go kids! Lock the doors, and grab your blankies for an awesome marathon of 80s fright! COMMENT BELOW AND TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!


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