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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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How many members of the House Targaryen can you name? The standard Game of Thrones viewer can probably bring to mind four or five before the Aemons and the Aegors star to blur with the Aegons and the Rhaegars. The Targaryens are so vast in number, they make the Kardashian-Jenner clan look compact by comparison.

After studying this truly spectacular family tree created by one sickeningly talented Song of Ice and Fire fan, though, you'll have no excuse for not knowing the names of all one-hundred-and-two members of the House Targaryen.

Here's the visual in full.

You can blow it up to a bigger resolution by clicking through to the DeviantArt page of Maryon, the French-born, Finland-based 27-year-old freelance artist responsible for bringing every ascendant of the Mad King Aerys handily together on one parchment.

Maryon claims she didn't even like the Targaryens (instantly giving her something in common with literally every single person on Westeros) when she began the project, which might make her the Mad Artiste for devoting so much time to them, but I'm sure as hell not complaining. She also tells Vox that becoming so familiar with three centuries of Targaryens ultimately changed her opinion on the House.

So what's to be learned from the Targaryen family tree?

Daenerys Is Not The First Of Her Name

At least 100 years before our Daenerys Targaryen was taming dragons on Essos there lived another Daenerys. The daughter of King Aegon IV and Queen Naerys (Targaryen naming convention really could've used a touch of inventiveness) married a Martell, as did her brother Daeron II, the first of several strategic marriages designed to keep the House Martell loyal to the ruling family.

A Dash Of Incest, A Dose Of Tragedy

As Viserys proved way back in Season 1, the Targaryens are not exactly averse to a little bit of incest, and that's evident way further up the lineage, in the first generation of Targaryens to follow the topple of Old Valyria.

Aegon I Targaryen, known as Aegon the Dragon, married not one but two of his sisters, but rumor would have it that for every one night he spent with Visenya, he would spend ten with her younger sister, the more playful, more beautiful Rhaenys.

Rhaenys birthed two children with Aegon, but her life came to a tragic end during the Wars of Conquest. While riding her beloved dragon Meraxes during a Targaryen attack on Dorne, a scorpion bolt struck the beast in the eye, and both dragon and rider fell from the sky, destroying the castle at Hellholt. Conflicting rumors stated that Rhaenys was either crushed beneath the dragon, or fell from his back to her instant death. Regardless, her body never made it back to King's Landing.

The Other Houses Of Westeros Are Kind Of Dull In Comparison

The Targaryens spanned sixteen generations, their rule, their quirks and their legacy still legendary in Westeros to this day. No other great family would ever ride the dragon. Nobody will remember King Tommen Lannister years from now, long after his imminent death, the way they remember the Mad King.

One illegitimate branch of the family, the Blackfyres, even prompted an internal war which came to be known as the Blackfyre Rebellions. Whether or not the Targaryens are your favourite Westerosi, there's a pretty solid argument to be made that their unparalleled family history would make for a killer /prequel series.

Credit once again to Maryon for the amazing artwork.


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