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In 2015, director Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies sent ripples through Hollywood as one of the most hard-hitting thrillers in recent times. The blockbuster starred Tom Hanks in the leading role as an American lawyer, recruited to represent an arrested Soviet spy and facilitate his exchange for a captured US spy plane pilot. If you're not familiar with the tense story based on real events, here's the trailer:

Indeed, at the time of release, the appeal of Bridge of Spies was so striking that it even led to an Academy Award win for Mark Rylance for Best Supporting Actor, as well as prestigious nominations for Best Picture and Best Writing.

And now, more from where this movie came from is on its way. It has just been announced that the screenwriter for Bridge of Spies, Matt Charman, has just put forward a movie pitch to Spielberg's partners about the life of Walter Cronkite.

The move from the Cold War to the Vietnam War

The plot of the upcoming project is set to focus on a legendary CBS news anchor who reported on Vietnam during the war. During his heyday at the channel, he was largely considered to be "the most trusted man in America."

Cronkite interviews John F Kennedy
Cronkite interviews John F Kennedy

In particular, he worked to deliver reports on world events from 1937 to 1981, including the Nuremberg trials, the Watergate scandal, the Iran hostage crisis and the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. However, it was his trip to Vietnam during the height of the conflict at the end of the '60s that has really attracted film producers.

After meeting with the commander of all US forces in Vietnam, General Creighton Abrams, Cronkite returned to the US to write editorial pieces denouncing America's involvement in the Cold War-era proxy war. Ultimately, his work helped to shift the public's opinion regarding the conflict. Following his reports, President Lyndon B. Johnson was rumored to have said:

"If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America."

Currently, not a lot of information is known about the exciting project but it is almost certain that Charman and Spielberg will be attached in some way. Watch this space for more information.

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