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Allow me to introduce you to your new Prince Alonso in Disney Channel’s upcoming TV series, Elena of Avalor. Alonso will be voiced by actor Tyler Posey, who you may already know as Scott McCall from Teen Wolf (2011) or — if your memory is good — as Ty Ventura from Maid in Manhattan (2002).

Prince Alonso will be Princess Elena’s significant other, together representing the first Disney royalty couple of Latin American descent. Posey is half Mexican on his mother’s side, while the princess will be voiced by actress Aimee Carrero (Young & Hungry), who was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic before moving to Miami, Florida.

Disney took into accord the actors’ cultural heritage whilst casting for his historically-important production. While people are rejoicing worldwide that Disney has finally extended the fairytale world to Latinos, others are more skeptical of how authentic these ethnicities are.

Prince Alonso and Princess Elena/Disney
Prince Alonso and Princess Elena/Disney

Princess Elena Castillo Flores is scheduled to make her debut on Disney’s animated TV series Sofia The First (2012), before appearing in her spin-off Elena of Avalor. Following false accusations that Sofia could in fact be Latina, Nancy Kanter, a senior vice president at Disney Junior took to Facebook to address the rumor:

“All our characters come from fantasy lands that may reflect elements of various cultures and ethnicities but none are meant to specifically represent those real world cultures. The writers have wisely chosen to write stories that include elements that will be familiar and relatable to kids from many different backgrounds including Spain and Latin America.”
Facebook Via Sofia The First
Facebook Via Sofia The First

In a later post, Disney officially confirmed Elena to be their first Latina princess. Keep in mind that she does not represent any specific culture, but this will only make her more relatable to a vaster audience. Her place of origin is a mystical land “in an enchanted fairytale kingdom inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore.”

Regardless, it is about time Disney has welcomed yet another community into their world and we could not be more excited, particularly with Tyler Posey joining the cast. What other actor could you see as a Disney prince?

Perhaps, Harry Shum, Jr. who played Mike Chang in Glee? Another great candidate would be How To Make A Murderer star Alfred Enoch. Not sure it's Drake's style, but he's also proven he can sing and act, so that could make for an interesting soundtrack.

Or maybe Penn Badgley who played Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl? That man can sing, after all. We could also envision Posey's Teen Wolf co-star (a.k.a. Arrow's Arsenal) Colton Haynes, who also has a surprising set of vocal chords. Then again, The Flash's Grant Gustin (who's also appeared in Glee) would also make a stellar Disney prince.

Hollywood certainly has no shortage of prince-worthy celebrities, but we are more than content with the pick for Elena of Avalor. Don’t miss out on the first Latino prince's debut on the Disney Channel, July 22. Welcome aboard the Disney ship, Tyler Posey!

Tyler Posey/mtvnimages
Tyler Posey/mtvnimages

What other celebrity could you see as a Disney prince?

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