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While we may not know who Jon Snow's parents are on HBO's Game of thrones, we may just have found another brand of the family tree. If the Instagram of Josiah Martin is anything to go by, then it looks like the "Bastard of Winterfell" has a long lost brother. Under the name "Facialfollicles," Josiah bears more than a slight resemblance to Kit Harington's bearded northerner Jon Snow. Could the surname Martin also be a relation to the book's author, George R.R. Martin? It is all falling into place, but if you still don't believe us...check it out!

Swapping direwolves for kittens

Wrap up warm, winter is coming!

The classic Jon Snow look

The new "resurrected" man bun Snow

We have to hand it to Josiah Martin; he seems to be a little happier than Game of Thrones's surly northern counterpart. With adoring women throwing themselves all over his Instagram, even Josiah's girlfriend can't help but spot the similarities, now calling their unborn baby "Baby Snow."

Josiah hasn't always had the rugged looks and tousled hair of Kit Harington though, he is a boy who has definitely grown into his looks. Looking at the transformation, just three years ago he was Seth Rogen! Quite a leap to be 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

He also looks like another rather famous face:

Oh wait...Carrie Fisher, is that you?

It was Josiah's Instagram followers that first spotted Josiah's uncanny resemblance to Jon Snow, and he has even started tagging his pictures . Obviously keen to meet Kit Harington himself, Josiah stated on one picture:

If somebody can get me a way to meet him, I promise me and him will become best friends and post a picture together. Maybe even us holding each other in a passionate embrace whole Celine Dion plays in the background.

Let's make it happen!

So what do you think, is Josiah Martin the next Jon Snow? Sound off below!


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