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Living through a zombie apocalypse is tough; just ask the survivors of shows like The Walking Dead, where audiences regularly try to predict who will live to see the end of a season. No one's safe from the walkers' hunger, not even central characters like Rick Grimes and his family, so it's no wonder that life on set can be tough at times.

As if depressing storylines and the constant fear of being killed off weren't bad enough, action-packed shows like The Walking Dead can also be physically dangerous for the actors, leading to on-set injuries that occur while the stunt doubles are away, on a smoke break somewhere.

If you thought the injuries that occurred on the set of Arrow were bad enough, wait until you see the horrific danger that the cast of The Walking Dead found themselves in while filming scenes for our entertainment.

1. Squashed Zombie

"I don't deserve this!"
"I don't deserve this!"

Back in 2013, production was halted on the set of The Walking Dead when a walker was run over by a truck. Normally, a crushed zombie would be a cause for celebration, but not when the walker in question was actually an extra working on set.

A 20-year-old, Zane Orr, was hit by a military truck whose brakes had malfunctioned, so the young extra was immediately airlifted to a nearby Atlanta hospital. In what could potentially be the most horrific accident of all time, it turns out that the 2.5 ton truck rolled over Orr's actual stomach, but miraculously, his injuries weren't life-threatening and the young actor was released from the hospital just three days later.

Don't feel too bad for the guy; he also received a personal visit in the hospital from cast member Lauren Cohan, prompting thousands of young men across the country to lie in front of military trucks too and hope for the best.

2. 'It Didn't Make The Cut'


You might just think that it's the extras who suffer on set, but characters like Glenn and Daryl are always in the thick of the action, so the main cast inevitably endure their fair share of injuries too, some more gruesome than others.

While discussing his favorite moments from Season 5, Norman Reedus described a time he accidentally hurt himself while filming the episode "Them," stating :

"I liked us in the barn. Yeah, I liked in the barn, we’re getting overrun by walkers and the storm comes…I actually cut my arm up during that. And they got it on camera. But it didn’t make the cut. They said they actually saw my arm opening up and blood start coming out of my arm on camera."

On a show where zombie heads are severed or explode on a regular basis, it's surprising that the episode's director chose to cut a scene of genuine bloodshed. Still, that's far from the strangest thing that Reedus has ever been involved in, as anyone who's seen the video game trailer for Death Stranding can attest to.

3. Soft Drinks Can Kill Too


When you're fighting hordes of the undead or using heavy military equipment, accidents are to be expected, but what about when you're buying a coke because you're thirsty?

While filming an episode of The Walking Dead, Reedus hurt himself again by reaching into a vending machine and somehow cutting his finger on the glass.

That's right. A vending machine. Forget bike stunts or stray zombie bites. America's obsession with snacks and soft drinks is what brought down the great Daryl Dixon.

"Don't look at me!"
"Don't look at me!"

In an interview with EW, Reedus asked the question we're all wondering;

“Why am I always getting hurt? I get hurt all the time. I feel like I should have like football pads on at all times, even when I’m just walking around.”

We can only assume that the producers of The Walking Dead followed Norman's wishes and bought him some football pads to wear between takes while filming Season 7.

4. Negan's Victim: Still Helping

Once again, Norman Reedus was involved in an accident, but this time, The Walking Dead star wasn't the one in trouble.

While driving his motorbike to the set with Steven Yeun, Reedus and his co-star witnessed a car accident and stopped to make sure that everyone was OK.

Fans were obviously impressed by the selflessness of Yeun and Reedus, but what really excited them was the fact that both of the actors were heading on set to film new episodes for Season 7, at the time it felt like they both might have made it into Season 7. We now know that's not true.

Who do you think died in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead?

Car crash TV
Car crash TV

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