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Death is a disease, growing from the inside beneath the Shell. Cursed blessings trickling down tubes, pushing hope through weak veins. Waiting for blissful Heaven to return. Heaven is Hell.

Inspiration for Shell

For the past two years my dad has been suffering from a rare kind of blood cancer. After witnessing how horrible cancer is for patients as well as everyone around them, I wanted to visualize, through film, this awful disease that has plagued so many individuals and families.

For the last six months I've been creating a short film called Shell. My intention was to show through a character representing my dads cancer, how utterly awful and disturbing this illness is. The character introduced at the beginning represents the disease, while the second character is the innocent patient.

The glowing IV bags symbolise hope and a cure, that is also why they slowly fade to darkness in the last two shots. My father suffers from blood cancer, so the red fluid is very prominent in the film and drives the story. After the disease gets injected with blood it then wants more, following the trail to the patient.

The film is fully animated with almost 45 CGI Shots, my girlfriend was so kind and modelled the main character, the female one was a 3D Scan that we adjusted to fit the film. Below are pictures from the process.

Main character model

Texture Test

Cable setup

A few of the assets that I created for the film

Call to action

Please consider getting registered as a stemm cell donor, or help fund cancer research with a donation. Getting registered as a stemm cell donor takes seconds and saves lives. Each 15 minutes a person gets diagnosed with blood cancer and often the only cure is a stemm cell transplant.

Please Google your local stemm cell database, each country has their own and they will send you a q-tip, for you to send them your saliva. Here are a couple options:

International | If you are living in Germany

If you'd like to see more of my work, please visit my website or follow me on Vimeo.

Thank you for watching.


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