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Trailer for Rob Zombie's 31 drops, with unexpected responses.

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It was just yesterday that the trailer for Rob Zombie's new horror thriller, 31, released online. And since the release of the trailer, fans of Rob Zombie have been going mad for the new flick, 31.

Rob Zombie's 31 is definitely going to become very well-known when his new film premieres in theaters later this year. '31 has already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to a huge reception of the film. Some will hold their tongue at the non-stop spectacle of blood and gore, most have been delightfully pleased.

There haven't been many feature films from Rob Zombie in recent years, apart from Lords of Salem (2012). And while Rob Zombie has delayed releasing another violently bloody horror flick, his new feature in '31 definitely shows what he's has poured his time into since Lords of Salem.

Rob Zombie is undoubtedly the new face of the horror genre. Though, some of his films haven't been the most well received, Rob Zombie's films definitely embody the spirit of horror, which the horror genre of the last few years has lacked an abundance of. Accounting for Rob Zombie's hiatus from film-making in recent years, that void will soon be filled once '31 premieres this upcoming September.

Richard Brake has standout performance in '31.

Aside from Rob Zombie's return to film-making with '31, there's one character in the trailer for the film who stands out from the rest of the cast in huge strides. Rob Zombie hasn't been one to develop character arcs past their usefulness but it looks like Rob Zombie really put some time and creativity into developing the character of Doom-Head, played by Richard Brake.

Brake is known for his roles in Doom (2004) and Hannibal Rising (2007). While Brake hasn't had many titular roles, it appears he's getting his first opportunity in a starring role as Doom-Head, in Rob Zombie's '31.

The trailer for '31 is embedded below, check it out for yourself and decide on Brake's acting talents, or lack thereof.

In my own opinion, Brake has gone above and beyond in '31 but that isn't nearly as important as where Richard Brake could go next. Brake shouldn't limit himself to lesser known films, even if they are directed by horror-icon, Rob Zombie. He has the opportunity to expand on his career from appearing in supporting roles to becoming a featured cast member in blockbuster films. More than that, Brake's depiction of Doom-Head in the trailer for '31 provides us with a look at an incredibly psychotic clown whom seems awfully similar to an iconic DC' Comics villain. The villain i'm referring to is that of the Joker.

Richard Brake should be next in line to portray the Joker.

From the beginning of the trailer, it starts out with Brake's character of Doom-Head introducing himself to the audience through a monologue. He shares all the qualities of a Joker-archetype, including the pale face and associated bloody mouth; and of course, the madness which corresponds. Throughout the trailer, we can hear Brake's character inciting all kinds of madness, smashing his head against a wall, punching himself in the face, doing all the things that a Joker-archetype would do. His appearance can even rival that of Jared Leto, who's the most recent actor to portray the Joker on the big screen.

Richard Brake as Doom-Head.
Richard Brake as Doom-Head.

Now there is no direct connection between Rob Zombie's creation of '31 and the DC' Comics villain, the Joker, but the character of Doom-Head in '31 could easily be a new depiction of the Joker. While that may seem like a stretch when it comes to comparisons, Brake's role as Doom-Head in '31 may just be the role that provides Richard Brake with an opportunity to audition for the role of the Joker in the future. He's already played Joe Chill in Batman Begins (2001), why not bring Richard Brake back into the DC'EU to portray a titular villain this time around? But before Richard Brake can seize the opportunity to portray the Joker, there's the matter of Jared Leto who currently stands as the Joker and doesn't look to be leaving the role for some time.

Jared Leto hasn't even appeared as the Joker yet, and he's already being challenged for the role.

Jared Leto will be the next actor to portray the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, but like previous incarnations of the Joker, Leto won't be the last to portray the DC' villain. And while Leto probably has a few more films attached to his deal as the Joker, there'll be a time when the call for another actor to step into the role will require new candidates to be considered. And one in high esteem will be that of Richard Brake. Some will disagree on the notion of Richard Brake portraying the Joker in a future DC'EU film, but his part in '31 will convincingly prove those nonbelievers wrong.

Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad.
Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad.

Richard Brake should be given the opportunity to audition for the role of the Joker at some point in the future. Accounting for Jared Leto holding the spotlight as the Joker in the foreseeable future, there'll be a time in the DC'EU that the Joker will age, and Jared Leto will no longer plausibly fit in the role which would call upon another actor to take up that mantle. But aside from the inevitability of the Joker being recast at some point, there's potential for two incarnations of the character to exist simultaneously.

Where Richard Brake could fit into the DC'EU structure of films. As a mature-age Joker.

While we have Jared Leto's Joker being cemented in the DC'EU with the upcoming Suicide Squad, there could also be a whole solo feature devoted to the Joker with another actor in the titular role. And with a whole film focused on the Joker, we would need to see his character go over several stages of development. That could call for both a young actor and a more matured actor to portray the different iterations of the character, which is where Richard Brake could fit in as an established Joker. But that's speculative for the moment.

DC' Comics, the Joker.
DC' Comics, the Joker.

Where are the DC' villain films?

No one has presented the prospect of a solo Joker film to be included in the DC'EU but it's an idea on the minds of a lot of fans. Most of the films coming out of the DC'EU, Suicide Squad notwithstanding, have focused on heroes establishing themselves, but no one has considered the potential for a DC' villain to receive a feature film. And while Suicide Squad may be the first attempt from Warner Bros. Pictures to gauge a response from audiences in regards to comic-book movies being based around villains, the film's success could draw forth that potential for more DC'EU films to utilize villains as the basis for their films, rather than heroes of the DC' universe.

That being said, in the scenario that Suicide Squad (2016) surpasses expectations set by DC' and Warner Bros. Pictures, a whole slew of films may be devoted to the more notable villains of DC' Comics with the film's success. And no other DC' villain deserves their own solo feature more than the Joker.

We would expect Jared Leto to star in the potential solo feature devoted to the Joker, but it seems like Richard Brake will be creating a challenge for Jared Leto when audiences see Brake's portrayal of Doom-Head in '31 .

Once the film does premiere, there'll undoubtedly be comparisons being made between Brake's performance as Doom-Head in '31 and the DC' Comics character of the Joker. When that happens, the floodgates will be open for fans to start petitioning for Richard Brake to take on the role of the Joker in a solo-film.

Trailer for '31 and Joker-centric trailer for Suicide Squad.

Of course, that is all speculation. We still have to wait for fan reaction to Richard Brake's performance as Doom-Head in '31 to decide if he deserves an opportunity to portray the Joker; that is, after Jared Leto has left the part. But you decide. The trailer for '31 and Suicide Squad (2016) are embedded below.


Should Richard Brake get an opportunity to play the Joker? Or is Jared Leto just too good?

What do you think? Should Richard Brake be considered for the role of the Joker? Have any thoughts, leave them in the comment section below.

Rob Zombie's 31 premieres September 16, 2016. Directed and written by Rob Zombie. Starring Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, and Elizabeth Daily.

Suicide Squad premieres August 5, 2016. Directed by David Ayer. Starring Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Will Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jared Leto, Ben Affleck, and Jai Courtney.

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