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Steven Spielberg is apparently a more magnanimous filmmaker than J. J. Abrams. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director discusses his career, the state of current cinema, and his upcoming projects. With The BFG set for a July 1 release, Spielberg's other projects in the pipeline include Ready Player One, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara and Indiana Jones 5.

The next Indiana Jones film is eyeballing a July 2019 release. Spielberg didn't reveal much in his interview regarding the hotly anticipated film, but he did say that he is super excited and added:

"I think this one is straight down the pike for the fans. The one thing I will tell you is I'm not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it."

Clearly a dig (SPOILER ALERT) at Abrams' harsh destiny for Ford's Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. This isn't especially revealing information that film fans are frothing about, but it's a small reassurance nonetheless. Can we ask him to agree to no monkey tree-swinging as well?

Please no more Shia LaBeouf swinging with monkeys.
Please no more Shia LaBeouf swinging with monkeys.

In an entirely different vein than his usual drama and action fare — or children's films, if we're being fair — Spielberg's next passion project is a musical! Tony Kushner (Munich) is penning a script for West Side Story, which Spielberg finally got the rights to, 15 years after he first started trying. Apparently it's been on his to-do list for decades. Stories about star-crossed lovers will always be a romantic classic, but one has to wonder if he'll try to update the story for a modern retelling.

Maria and Tony pulling a Romeo & Juliet.
Maria and Tony pulling a Romeo & Juliet.

And interesting to note that as popular as they are, Spielberg questions the staying power of the superhero franchises currently dominating the box office. The article states that "Spielberg still believes that the superhero genre will not last as long as the Western," and with almost 70 years of cowboy films, it's a fair point to make. But then again, comic books have been around for a long time, too, and their depictions on the big screen are only getting better and in higher demand. Time will tell. Predictions aside, Spielberg does appear to at least like superhero films.

As for his upcoming roster, The BFG hits screens on July 1, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara is due November 2017, Ready Player One is slated for a March 30, 2018 release, and Indiana Jones 5 is tentatively aiming for a July 19, 2019 debut.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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