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Last month DC and Mattel announced they would be partnering to bring us a new Wonder Woman Barbie for exclusive purchase at San Diego Comic-Con. But celebrations for the superheroine's 75th anniversary are far from over.

Wonder Woman — who made her debut in All Star Comics Issue 8 in December 1941 — has been updated many times in her seven-and-a-half decade run. Now DC is using this milestone as a chance to honor the legacy of its iconic character.

This year, Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) made her first appearance as a character in a live-action feature-length film courtesy of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But her standout role in the superhero flick was just the start. In the months leading up to the standalone Wonder Woman movie next year, DC will be ramping up the character's promotion.

This morning, the comic book powerhouse unveiled its commemorative new logo and discussed what we could expect to see in the near future. Take a look at the new symbol and branding below:

In addition to the new Wonder Woman logo and Barbie, fans can expect to see a comic book relaunch, new graphic novels, and new products on the market.

For those lucky enough to attend SDCC this year, there will be a life-sized Wonder Woman invisible jet on display and a "Wonder Woman 75" panel at the convention.

President of DC Entertainment Diane Nelson spoke to People magazine and discussed why Wonder Woman will be at the forefront of DC's slate:

"There's no better time than now. The overall conversation that's happening in our culture right now – about having stronger gender equality representation in media and in government and in education and all of it just makes it the perfect time to see a character like Wonder Woman out there."

She also announced that, while the standalone Wonder Woman movie will provide a new tone and look, there would be one of Wonder Woman's accessories that wouldn't be making its way onto the big screen: Her invisible jet.

"[The movie] will have its own tone and look – it's beautiful. There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana's journey in discovering the complexity of man.
"There is no invisible jet, Not in this iteration."

Who knows? Maybe the invisible jet will actually make an appearance, we just won't be able to see it.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot, Robin Wright, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and David Thewlis and will be released on June 2, 2017.


Will you be attending SDCC this year?

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