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Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads Out There!

Back in the day, mostly all movies seemed to be centered around guys: shooters, westerns, comedies, etc. It was very rare that a chick-flick was made. You could definitely say that guy-movies were in great abundance. Nowadays though, we're lucky to even have 3 or 4 (out of the hundreds of movies coming out each year), that are solely for dudes (or that seem like it). History repeats itself too, so it shouldn't be long until guy movies dominate the theaters and shelves again. Below are 7 Great Movies Every Guy/Dad Needs To See!

1. Deadpool

From the jokes to the action, Deadpool is definitely a guy movie. Deadpool was a huge success at the box office, and it didn't take long for the film to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. And because of its success, we'll probably be getting more R-rated comic book flicks. Either way, we can't wait for Deadpool 2! Here's hoping it'll get a bigger budget and a longer runtime!

2. 300

Before Deadpool took the title, 300 was the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Based off of Frank Miller's beloved graphic novel, this incredible film led dudes to start working out and trying to get fit. 300 has (almost) everything a guy likes: blood, action, and boobies. The second film was pretty good also, so don't forget to check that one out as well!

3. Drive

From the visuals to the action to the story, Drive was both entertaining and satisfying in big ways. It's so great I can't really explain its greatness. If you don't have it already, Drive should definitely be among the ranks of your movie collection.

4. The Big Lebowski

This is one of those stupid-but-funny-movies that should get you rolling with laughter many times throughout. If you've haven't seen this classic, YOU NEED TO, NOW!

5. Click

Adam Sandler hasn't been making really good movies like he used to. Click, on the other hand, was surprisingly good, especially since it was around the time of Sandler's downhill slide to not-so-good movies. It's very touching and I think every Dad should definitely see it. I'm a pretty tough guy, and I couldn't help but to shed a few tears or so. Netflix's The Do-Over was surprisingly good also, so why not check that out too?

6. American Graffiti

I had seen this movie a number of times before I found out who directed it, and since then, American Graffiti is sixty-six percent better! Looking from Star Wars to this, George Lucas definitely knows a thing or two about making an incredible movie.

7. Saving Private Ryan

Words can't really express how great of a movie this is, so that's all I'm gonna say.

So What Do YOU Think? Are There Any Movies YOU Think A Guy Should Watch That I Missed? Tell Me All Things In The Comments Section Below! Thanks For Reading!!

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