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A new vigilante strides through the streets of Star City, and he's going to cause some problems for Team Arrow.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Robot alumn Rick Gonzalez has been cast as Jack Wheeler — a.k.a DC's vigilante Wild Dog — in Arrow's upcoming fifth season.

Wild Dog is said to be "a new vigilante whose reckless and cocksure nature prompts Green Arrow to take him under his wing." Gonzalez's character is supposed to be a recurring character, and will make his first appearance in the Season 5 premiere.

Who Is Wild Dog?

Jack Wheeler,
Jack Wheeler,

In the comics Wild Dog is named Jack Wheeler: a former star athlete who had to drop out of college because of an injury that forced him to stop playing football. He then enlisted in the Marines where all his unit was killed during a terrorist attack. And to had even more to his tragedy, the women he loved was killed by a gunman.

Learning that his girlfriend was, in reality, the daughter of a recently killed Chicago mob boss and not just a random victim, Wheeler snapped and became the vigilante Wild Dog. Concealing his identity with a hockey mask, Wild Dog quickly became a local hero but at the same time sought by the police because of his ruthless behavior.

If his backstory remains the same, Wild Dog could prove himself to be a welcome addition to the upcoming season of the CW show.

Arrow returns this fall on The CW.


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