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I think when people begin to hear about a particular movie, especially insights about it from those people who had seen it, whether if its negative or positive thoughts, they’ll want to go see it themselves. I think a great movie isn't just about the fun you've had after seeing it the first time but also the feeling it leaves you after you see it for the second time. This experiment is normal and every movie fans does it. But some people do not even notice it themselves. Maybe you enjoyed it the first time 'cause you were with somebody, people were screaming or cheering up at the movie(overreacting sometimes), and you enjoy movies that way. But some other people would go see it again 'cause they feel that they missed something after seeing the first time or if they are totally interested to the context or the subject of it or if they totally fell in love to it as well as to the cast and to the people who contributes behind it, the tendency is, you would want to see it over and over again.

What I'm about to tell you is my experience after seeing 'The Conjuring 2' for the second time.

I know... I know... Some of you are sick to hear about this subject and doesn't want to hear this nonsense at all which I understand. But what I like about 'The Conjuring 2' is, this film stays in your mind. I went out of the movie and I thought about it but it keeps coming back in my head. This movie stuck with me not in a way that I couldn't sleep at night 'cause I was freaked out by these demons I've seen in this film but in a way that I feel excited 'cause I totally enjoyed it. I've said this many times that it made me very excited to see it again even more after I've seen it for the first time.

So I did watch it again. Did I enjoy it?

I did!

Here's my take (once again) on James Wan's Horror movie of the year. I had been reading reviews about it even before it came out. Mostly good reviews from people who had seen it. It's crazy how these movie fans show their appreciation and interest on this film (me either). This movie has exploded the social media and everyone's talking about it.

James Wan is the Best director working on horror movies today. You guys agree? I think he is. People would love this guy not just for investing on good horror films but they'd love him as a filmmaker. Whatever genre of movie he does, his styles are clearly present. I'm not saying that he does these tricks over and over again that bores you but he makes sure than you wouldn't feel that you've seen it all before. He doesn't rely in some horror films we've seen before and he likes inventing things by studying or observing people to make his films effective to audiences.

Well, I'm not going to give you away the story but we're gonna talk about things that we did like and didn't like about this film. Let's start with things that we did like. There are many things to love in this film. One of the things I like in this film is the character development. They hired such talented actors once again. At the same time, James Wan shows us that he know how to deal with these people. The Conjuring (2013). We all know how great that movie was. I thought it was one of the top 10 films in that year. Like he did in the first film, he was able to pull out the best in these actors. One of the things that make this film very effective is Madison Wolfe's work as Janet Hodgson. A little girl who's possessed by a malicious spirit. Her performance is a revelation. Her role demands so many physical acting and she nails them. She crashed every moment she's in.

Then here's her mother, Mrs. Peggy Hodgon played by Frances O'Connor as well as Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga's come back as Ed and Lorraine Warren. We've heard all this thoughts from audiences how good they're in the film but what I like about their performances is the connection. Some other directors wouldn't care about the love story being developed between their actors (especially in a traditional horror movie) they'd instead focus on scares. Wan loves to spend so much in his characters connection and relationship so the more you care and worry for these characters while these terrifying things happens, the more it feel scary 'cause that's how these films works on you. That's one of James Wan's techniques to scare audiences. And that's one of the things movie fans love in his films. And that vibe doesn't change after the second time around of watching this movie.

Patrick Wilson gives a well done performance once again as Ed Warren. And Lorraine Warren played by amazing Vera Farmiga. She's is absolutely fantastic in this film. There were no moments I didn't believe her. The romance between these two characters didn't feel forced but true and believable. One of the things that stood out to me is the artistic value of this movie. Of course the performances are undeniably fantastic but the other elements put in this film are also totally impressive. Lets start with the writing. I think the writing is brilliant and so involving. As well as the storytelling.

The cinematography is excellent. The sound design is brilliant. Even the introduction of these demons, they're brilliant. And the camerawork is unbelievable. Wan love giving us wide and long shots. If you think about it, one of the reasons why his films works on you 'cause he is able to catch every moment it demands whatever subject his film has. And since The Conjuring 2 is a horror movie, he creates this cinematic universe where in audiences can't help but be involved in his rapture. This film is seriously scary. Though it uses several horror cliché which aren't all that new to us but the way it was handled in the film, is brilliant. Wan proves that a horror movie isn't just about giving you jump scares and loud noises, this film offers you palpable really scary sequences.

There are minimal things I didn't like in this film. I think one of them is the running time, I kinda feel that it couldn't have been shortened a little bit. W'eve invested almost 2 and a half hours in this movie and there are a few scenes which I think didn't have to be included in the film. I couldn't think of any at this point but I think that was only my disappointment in the film.

After all, all these elements we've seen in this movie are part of James Wan's genuine storytelling. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE. It isn't good as the first one but it is a great horror movie. Wan is at the top of his game once again. And for me, The Conjuring 2 is truly one of the best films of the year!


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