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Over the years, there have been some reluctant, and it would seem at the time downright crazy choices for Batman villains. Heath Ledger as The Joker? Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? TOM HARDY as Bane?! Who would have thought? At the time, there was certainly justification to think these choices were insane, but they all turned out as the best portrayal of their respective villain, hands down. With that being said, there's of course going to be a Batman solo movie, and it's only natural to start wondering what kind of seemingly crazy casting choices we could be seeing in the near future. I would like to suggest a few choices of my own that I can guarantee no one has thought of, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Chris Hardwick as The Riddler

With so many mistakes having been made in the past, chances are that you're cringing at the thought of another comedian playing a Batman villain, especially The Riddler. However, there are some key differences between Chris Hardwick and Jim Carrey. Chris is a HUGE comic book fan, and if given the chance, there's no possible way he wouldn't tear The Riddler right off the page. Besides that, The Riddler's main weapon is his brain. Hardwick is certainly intelligent enough to play a character with this kind charisma, and could exploit certain qualities in his personality. In almost every depiction of The Riddler, he pretends to play some kind of deadly game show with Batman, and who better to do that than a pretend game show host? In short, you may not have ever thought of Hardwick to one of Batman's toughest foes, but it would certainly be a movie I would go see.

2. Scott Caan as The Penguin

The Penguin is normally thought of as a short, fat character that wouldn't hold up in a hand-to-hand fight with Batman. However, with Robin Lord Taylor's portrayal of the character on Gotham being the best we've seen yet, despite him being skinny, got me wondering if he could be reinvented in that direction. What if The Penguin wasn't fat, but was just a short mob boss with a limp who wore tuxedos? Scott Caan is only 5'5", which is plenty short enough to play the character, and would be perfect as the tough mob boss type. However, I could certainly believe Scott Caan's Penguin to not be helpless against a foe like Batman. With this sort of reinvention of the character, The Penguin could be seen as deadlier than ever.

3. Cliff Curtis as Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is nothing but a man who loves his family, and has to stay in a suit to stay alive. Cliff Curtis, who you may know from Fear: The Walking Dead, has shown on the show that he can play a desperate man who cares about his family. Really, the one variable that makes Mr. Freeze a relatable supervillain is extremely prominent in the characters that Cliff Curtis plays. You may not have thought of Cliff because of appearance, but no one said that Mr. Freeze is an everyday family man who just so happens to look like a leading man or action star. Mr. Freeze could be anybody, any of us, so why not someone like Cliff Curtis?

4. John Cusack as Two-Face

Two-Face is the perfect example of a double persona, and who better to play that than the king of double performances? John Cusack has shown in several psychological thrillers that he can play both the good guy and the bad guy at the same time, and in my opinion he does this better than anyone else in Hollywood. In a character like Two-Face, this is really the only characteristic needed. He's so split down the middle, that while being a respected gangster in Gotham City, he has also been known to help Batman fight his own goons! Cusack is the right age and has the right skills to bring Dent to the big screen, and while he's nothing like Aaron Eckhart, he could certainly play the character to his full potential.

5. Josh Brolin as Hush

Hush is completely obsessed with being Bruce Wayne, so who better to play him than one of the only other actors considered for the part of Batman this time around? Brolin was a heavy fan favorite coming in, and many Bat-fans were disappointed when he didn't get the role, but there's still a chance for him to be apart of a Batman movie. He possesses the right skillset to play this character, considering how he was almost our current Batman, and he can play menacing villains to boot. Look at him in the role of Thanos, he's only had a few minutes of screentime as the character spread across several movies, and everyone's already terrified of him! Although you may think Josh Brolin would make a better Batman, you can't deny that it's all there for him to play his freaky wannabe twin.

6. Tom Savini as Scarecrow

Scarecrow's character is all about trying to make people fear him and inducing people with fear toxin, and who better to do that than horror legend Tom Savini? Savini is one of the pinnacle actors and directors of the horror genre, and playing a character whose sole purpose is scaring people would be right up his alley. While most people think of actors who have a knack at being creepy to play Scarecrow, Tom Savini is practically the definition of the term. He can outshine everyone else when it comes to horror, and while he's not a popular Hollywood actor, he could certainly do the role justice.

7. Jamie Dornan as Ra's Al Ghul

Ra' Al Ghul, the trainer of Batman that is hundreds of years old and practically immortal thanks to his Lazarus Pit, is often depicted as an old man out of his prime. However, it's not a stretch to believe that in order to keep Ra's alive, the Lazarus Pit keeps him as a young man. It would be an interesting twist to see Batman's teacher be younger and more rejuvenated than Bruce himself, and who better to do that than the handsome Brit that is Jamie Dornan? While he doesn't have much experience as an action star, I believe that he could play the role of a respectful man in power well, and could revolutionize the role of Ra's Al Ghul.

8. Thomas Lennon as The Mad Hatter

Thomas Lennon is short, eccentric and ranged actor, yet I've never seen or heard anyone mention him for the part of The Mad Hatter. Everyone thinks of people like Martin Short for the role, but the truth is if they ever decide to use this villain, Lennon would be a much better fit. While he's usually playing people that are neat and tidy like Felix Unger in The Odd Couple, there's also some aspects to him that leads me to believe he can play a crazier, unhinged character. All in all, Thomas Lennon has everything needed to play this sinister, mind controlling villain, and I truly hope he gets the chance to do so.

9. Chris Evans as Deathstroke

When you think of Deathstroke, you think of old action stars like Stephen Lang or Jason Statham to play the character, but what if he wasn't old? You see, Deathstroke was subjected to somewhat of a super soldier serum just like Steve Rogers was (hence where I got the idea of Chris Evans), so what if it kept him young just like Captain America's serum? It's not a well known fact, but it isn't just the ice that kept Cap in such good condition through the years. Also, just like with Ra's Al Ghul, it would be fun to see an older Batman fighting a younger Deathstroke, even if he is in reality older than him. Chris Evans being an up-and -coming action star, and having portrayed Captain America so well (the two characters are oddly similar), I would say that he would be an interesting addition to a Batman solo movie.

10. Jensen Ackles as Owlman

Alas, the only other man even rumored to be in talks for Batman aside from Affleck and Brolin comes to the party that is this fan cast. Jensen Ackles is usually considered the perfect choice to play Red Hood, but with him being is his 30s now, he would be better suited for a character like Owlman. While Owlman is usually depicted as a smarter and more calculating version of Batman from another universe, there's always room to change a character. I think that Ackles could do well by simply playing Batman's equal, instead of Batman's opposite. He could match the Bat punch for punch, as well as having some secret sinister plot up his sleeve, even though Jensen isn't known for playing more charismatic characters. He doesn't have to be the smartest man in the room, he just has to play a different version of the Batman we've seen with Ben Affleck.


Which crazy casting choice did you like the most?


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