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Can The Conjuring become the first horror movie to achieve a cinematic universe? I say, why not?

The case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren are filled with creepy and terrifying demons. James Wan has already stated that he has indeed place lots of opportunities for spin offs and sequels in both of The Conjuring movies. We're already getting an Annabelle 2 and a newly announced spin off The Nun.

This isn't a surprise considering the box office success of all three movies - The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle. In this list, I will explore possible sequels and spin offs.

5. The Werewolf Possession

James Wan has recently hinted at a movie of the famous werewolf case and at this point of the series it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

The major criticism of The Conjuring is nothing in the movie hasn't been done before. It's the same old same old. That being the case, a werewolf possession still remains a bizarre case to this day. I can't recall another movie with this premise. This idea would shut all the haters of the franchise.

4. An Amityville Remake

The real Amityville house
The real Amityville house

The Amityville Haunting was the most famous case and is still famous to this day. Remaking this for a Conjuring sequel or a spin off would be a bold and risky move. There's already is a very good Amityville movie called The Amityville Horror.

If it should be remade, James Wan would be the director to do it. It would be cool to see Ed and Lorraine back into their own movie.

3. A Bathsheba Sherman Spin Off

Bathsheba is still carved in my memory to this day. A Bathsheba origin story would be a great idea and it would further explore how she killed her child and how she forced others to killed their children.

Since they already did Annabelle and they will be doing the Nun, why not do Bathsheba as well?

2. The Devil Made Me Do It

Talk about a dangerous case. This case has a murder in which their defence was 'the devil made me do it.' Again, if the franchise needs switching up, this case would be perfect. The movie could focus on the haunting and also focusing on the courtroom drama surrounding this case.

1. The Smurl Family Haunting

This case was hinted in both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. It features some of the most violent and disturbing details. This would be perfect to finish the trilogy because it has potential for a good story and really disturbing imagery.

This is also the case that made Lorraine Warren lock herself up in her room for 8 days. With the right director and writer, it could have the same effect on the audience.

Which movie would you want to see on the big screen?


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