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Recently while I was watching The Winter Soldier (probably for the 11th time), and the mentioned scene took place, I started thinking. How fast IS Steve Rogers? And because Sam Wilson was doing his early morning jogging, I thought well, Steve must be doing his version of jogging.

Hail Hydra btw
Hail Hydra btw

13 miles in 30 minutes. Now, assuming that Steve took that extra lap that Sam was talking about, that would make Steve's "morning jogging" speed around half a mile per minute. That's seriously fast legs. (Then again, he is seriously yolked):

So I thought, what could be Steve Roger's top running speed? What if he had to run like his life, or Sam's, depended on it? How fast could his legs carry him. I had to do plenty of digging. Plenty. And then I found this —

Howling Commandos and the Captain
Howling Commandos and the Captain
"I can run a mile in just over a minute."
"When I have to. That's what I am, Sergeant."

A mile, in just over a minute. That would make the Captain's speed to be just around the 60mph mark. Usain Bolt's record: 27.44mph.

That awesome chase scene though
That awesome chase scene though

Looking at [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), I am guessing that the Winter Soldier runs as fast as Steve Rogers, with Black Panther maybe a teeny tiny little bit faster than the both of them.


Who do you think is the fastest among the trio?


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