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Continuing The Urban Legend

The Blob, Lost Boys, Attack of the 50 ft Woman, Fringe, Supernatural - they all have it. A story that at some point involves 'terror at make-out point', a modern urban legend spun through our horror films and TV. Midnight Lovers is a homage to those legendary scenes, bringing the familiar story of a lurking presence during our most intimate of moments.

A fast and fun horror, with a haunting score all made on a micro budget. In the Blumhouse era of demons, ghosts, jump scares and the always dangerous curiosity of millennials on screen, Akuma Films continues to create shorts that capture the same excitement as well as terror at a fraction of the cost. With two more shorts left to go fulfilling their goal of a 4-part short film universe, the independent team is underway working on their next chapters.


In this outing, a stalking demonic force preys on a young unassuming couple who are seeking privacy on a late night rendezvous. Anything can go wrong in the blink of an eye for this couple,oblivious to the signs that they aren't alone.
Probably not how she imagine this date would end up
Probably not how she imagine this date would end up

So, always remember the key rules when trying to sneak off with your date:

1. DON'T ignore the noises in the forest

2. DON'T go anywhere alone

3. DON'T get out of the car...


Midnight Lovers was shot in Vancouver, BC by independent film company Akuma Films and scored internationally by Indian composer Sasikumar B.


Do you believe in urban legends?


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