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It ain't cheap pleasing the fans.

If there's one thing us moviegoers love, it's a cameo appearance. The sense of pride when noticing one of your favorite actors, or the hilarious moments when they make inside jokes for the fans are some of the great thrills of cinema. For comic book fans, a cameo appearance means a whole lot more to us, especially in recent years.

In 2016 we have seen Zack Snyder being pummeled by Ben Affleck's Batman — much to the delight of many fans — and Stan Lee hilariously delivering a parcel to "Tony Stank." While these are very entertaining cameo's, they did not deliver such a major blow to the films budget like Deadpool, as Ryan Reynolds has revealed that a Deadpool cameo cost $10,000!

In the DVD commentary for Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds revealed that it cost $10,000 to have Bea Arthur's face used on a tank top worn by Deadpool. As many people know, Deadpool is Bea Arthur's self-professed "No. 1 fan," going so far as to naming the spaceship of the Deadpool Corp after her.

It would only make sense to have her appear in some form, and Ryan Reynolds seems to agree! Speaking in the commentary track, Reynolds states:

"Potentially cinema's most expensive Easter Egg a producer, I had to approve that $10,000…You can’t have a Deadpool movie without Bea Arthur."
Via Cinemablend
Via Cinemablend

$10,000 for a tank top with Bea Arthur's face on it. I don't even think crew members earned that much while working on Deadpool! But hey, as Deadpool himself stated, you can't make a Deadpool movie without having Bea Arthur, even if it was just her face on the world's most expensive tank top!

Did you catch the Bea Arthur cameo? What is your favorite cameo in film history?


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