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This dad is taking "dress up" to a whole new level for his kids and If you're wondering how, the answer is handcrafting adorable mini outfits that are totally true to the Disney movies that inspired them.

I came across Nephi Garcia's talent on Facebook when a friend stumbled upon a video showcasing his wonderful work. The talented clothing-designer likes to call himself Designer Daddy and both his wife and children absolutely love his passion. I too automatically fell in love with his costumes. Trust me, the way his children wear his amazing work will make your hearts melt with how adorable they look.

Check out the video of his amazing work below:

Garcia creates a number of Disney costumes for his children along with himself and his wife and the results are almost totally accurate. Before he started designing costumes for his family, he was a couture fashion designer, but now he prefers to spend his time coming up with costume ideas with his family. He says it's something that brings the family together even though it's just costumes:

"It sounds ridiculous because they're costumes, but it's something that we love doing together, and something that brings us together."

Garcia's creations range from Cinderella's wedding dress to Belle's costume when she dances with Beast to John Darling from Peter Pan for his youngest.

Not only does Nephi create costumes for his family but he also whips up or Disney inspired dresses for his clients, just like how the stunning Belle inspired dress for a client's sweet 16 below:

Photo source: Designer Daddy Facebook
Photo source: Designer Daddy Facebook

Check out the actual scene from the movie below to judge with your own two eyes how accurate it is:

I've seen a number of amazing cosplays ranging from well-known anime characters to popular TV/movie characters, but Garcia's work truly blows my mind at how accurate. I can't wait to see more of his amazing work through his children because they are just too adorable in these Disney costumes!

Check out more of his work on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you think Garcia's children make perfect Disney characters?


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