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Yes Samurai Jack fans, it's true that the series will return — YES, YES, YES (in my Daniel Bryan chant voice). This was recently confirmed by the Toonami Faithful Twitter page. They reported that a graphic of a new Samurai Jack season was teased during the Annecy 2016 festival - an animation festival being held this year in France.

The site reports that Chevistian (who was at the festival) claims the series will end with 10 episodes as a 5 hour movie, and that the movie will have a more adult tone. On top of that, it will take place 50 years after the events of the last episode.

Samurai Jack poster at Annecy 2016
Samurai Jack poster at Annecy 2016

Chevistian also revealed that the creator Genndy Tartakovsky - also known for Dexter's Laboratory - told the audience to expect the series very soon. Consequently, adding to the hype that fans had before. Toonami Faithful has confirmed that Genndy Tartakovsky did indeed do a panel at the Festival, but at the moment, that’s the only thing that they've confirmed.

At the end of last year, The Verge revealed that Samurai Jack would return to Toonami, and it looks as if we are getting close to seeing it broadcast on the block.

I'm totally excited to see Samurai Jack again as it was a bittersweet ending. The series ran for four seasons as our hero Jack tried and ultimately failed to defeat the shape-shifting overlord Aku and return to his home in the past. As everyone who watched the show now knows, the series came to a close with Jack's faith left up in the air.

Story Arc

So what do we want to see in this 5-hour long movie? Obviously, we want Jack to defeat Aku and return home. The battles between these two are so repetitive with Jack losing every time.

What I really love about Samurai Jack are the story arcs and crazy characters. So I believe the creators will stick with that and document Jack's journey to become stronger and the character's that will help him achieve his goal. By the end of his journey, he will face Aku in an epic final battle where he finally defeats him. However, in the end, he will choose to stay in the future to eliminate other villains to create a better future for those in the future.

On top of that, it was also reported that the movie will have a more adult tone to it (based on the Annecy poster above). This means that Jack's journey won't be filled with rainbows and unicorns. So we will definitely see blood (perhaps from Aku) another villain in Jack's path, the return of Mad Jack, or a younger Jack (due to it being set 50 years into the future).

Samurai Jack vs Mad Jack by Sgtconker1r
Samurai Jack vs Mad Jack by Sgtconker1r

Aku Needs To Be More Evil

Not only do we want a conclusion to the series, but a better characterisation of Jack's greatest villain - Aku. We all know he is a bad guy, but we really haven't seen him do something horribly evil that will make Jack as angry or bloodied as he is on the poster. So a more scheming and bloodthirsty Aku would be a delight and an entirely different view to this somewhat evil guy.

AKU! by ChasingArtwork on DeviantArt
AKU! by ChasingArtwork on DeviantArt

Recurring Characters With More Personality

Although the series was made up of episodic stories, consequently, leaving no time for characters to evolve or to have a personality. Many of the characters that Jack has encountered during the four seasons were one dimensional — wanting to defeat Aku or another villain that has caused them harm. The movie should bring back or at least redevelop characters with a broad range of emotions — like the Scotsman — to attract older audiences.

Although we as fans have many ideas for the new movie, we just have to wait until it premiers to see if the creators heard us. Hopefully, they did and added some well-needed changes to the final hours of Samurai Jack.

So, in the meantime if you're looking for a cartoon with an anime feel — similar to what Samurai Jack has — then head over to 10 Anime Not From Japan for a new series to watch until they officially announce the premiere date.

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