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Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to this week's best articles from new Creators! To top off what has been a truly wonderful week (because, summer) we've got another new batch of stellar Creators to celebrate. There's something for everyone in this week's list, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we all did. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's offering and show some love to this new creative bunch.

Forward. Always Forward. BY James Aston

There are many reasons to love video games, even when you're not necessarily playing them all the time. Creator James Ashton loves them for their storylines, the character journeys, and the depth in which these journeys are explored. One of his favorite franchises is the Batman: Arkham series. The relationship between Batman and Jarvis Tetch in Mad Hatter caught his eye, particularly why Jervis finds Batman’s insistence on moving forward so annoying. In his article, he therefore explores the concept of moving forward, using Batman as an example.

James Wan: The Wes Craven Of This Generation? BY Stephanie

There's no doubt about it, horror fans love James Wan. I doubt that when he produced Saw in 2004 he knew that it would become the cult classic it is today. Whilst he is first and foremost known for the Saw franchise, his most recent works; Insidious (2010) and The Conjuring (2013) are phenomenal in their own right. Could Wan be the next Wes Craven? Stephanie takes a look at that possibility.

League of Legends: The Game, The Numbers, The eSport BY Peter Derrick

League of Legends is becoming bigger and bigger by the minute, something that's exciting fans all over the globe. With popular sports teams, such as Schalke '04 and Beşiktaş, competing in the competitive league, eSports is becoming more and more mainstream. That's a good thing. Not familiar with eSports? Fear not, Peter Derrick breaks it down in such a way that even a noob like me will understand.

Horror Movie Survival Kit: Redefining the Slasher Film BY Sim Banning

Whether it's a sequel, a trilogy or a spin off from the original, the ways of how to stay alive seem to be changing with every adaptation. Sim Banning uses Jamie Kennedy's character Randy from the original Scream movie to give us some useful pointers on how to be the last one standing in the heat of a horror movie massacre. Never drink or do drugs because you won't stand a chance.

Like Preacher? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Read The Comic BY [email protected]

When enjoying an adaptation of another form of media, it’s natural to want to visit the source material out of curiosity. Whether its The Walking Dead or Harry Potter, if the onscreen adaptation is good, it is bound to inspire fans to want to learn more about it. Preacher, like The Walking Dead, is a comic book based television show. However unlike the latter, Preacher is a faithful adaption. In his post, Jim explains why we shouldn't pick up the comic books just yet.

'Fury' Review - This Unsung War Movie Is A Welcome Return To Form BY Angelo Delos Trinos

Fury combines two movie genres I am intrigued by: period pieces and World War II dramas. I watched Fury when it was first released in 2014 and I am going to have to agree with Angelo, who he states that it's a welcome return to form. David Ayer's Fury, starring the likes of Hollywood powerhouse Brad Pitt, Daredevil's Jon Bernthal and Shia LeBeouf, depicts US tank crews during the final days of World War II. Check out Angelo's in-depth review of the movie.

Solus: Gotchic Short Film Currently Seeking Fan Support BY Rachel Taylor

Three words: haunted Victorian house. Add an orphan to the mix and you have got yourself a stellar 'gotchic' short film. Solus, created by Creator Rachel Taylor, follows the adventures of a young orphan trying to escape a house haunted by the secrets lurking within it. Rich imagery, a deep and immersive world, and a blend of hand-crafted and digital visual effects make Solus a must-see short film for horror fanatics and cinephiles a like.

How 'The Martian' is Actually Part of the MCU BY Michael Kontolios

Now, I know what you are thinking, The Martian and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have absolutely nothing in common. Bear with me though because Michael Kontolios has one hell of a fan theory. It may be somewhere on the crazy scale between YouTube conspiracy videos and Room 237, but it could potentially make a lot of sense. For instance, Fantastic Four's Kate Mara and Civil War's Sebastian Stan both feature in The Martian. Coincidence? Not according to Michael.

Gamers Corner: Doom BY Miguel Orta

Thirty seconds into this game and you will understand why it is called what it is called. A voice tells you the enemy to come is brutal and without mercy, but you must be even more brutal. Doom is fast-paced, it is fun, and it's got a pounding soundtrack. What more can you can for? Miquel Orta takes you through every single detail of this new version of the game, a game you are going to want to add to your collection.

Everything We Know About The Solo Ben Affleck Batman Movie So Far BY Jason 'J-Starwalker' Ramroop

I am sure I am not the only one who is excited about this upcoming DC movie. I thought Batfleck was one of the best things about Batman v Superman, which is why I have high hopes for this one. We still have to wait a couple of years for Ben Affleck's solo outing as Batman but we do know a couple things about it. Jason 'J-Starwalker' Ramroop has kindly summarized all there is to know about this upcoming blockbuster. Check it out!

'Shell' - An Animated Short Film Imagining The Nightmare Of Cancer Inside Someone's Body BY Daniel Ahrens

Daniel Ahrens' project intrigued me from the moment I was first introduced to it. Inspired by his father, who is currently battling a rare form of blood cancer, he set out to personify cancer, hereby portraying its destructive power. Shell, a beautiful animated short, is full of symbolism and stunning visuals that'll capture the viewer from beginning to end. Do check out Daniel's project and show him some love.

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