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There's a little more than a year to go until the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 7, 2017 in Marvel Studios' fresh take on the web-slinging hero. Fans were introduced to the younger, slicker version of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man in this year's Captain America: Civil War, and reactions were almost unanimous in saying that Tom Holland was doing a fantastic job at bringing the hero back to the big screen.

While there's no official plot yet for Homecoming — apart from the fact that it'll take place while Peter Parker is in high school — casting news has led fans to speculate about which characters will or will not appear. Michael Keaton has been rumored to play Vulture, and Zendaya would make a perfect young Black Cat.

Recently, 14-year-old Michael Barbieri was confirmed as part of the cast of Homecoming, and rumors around his role suggested he could play Harry Osborn, Parker's best friend in the Amazing Spider-Man comics, or Ganke, Miles Morales's acolyte. Director Jon Watts has debunked at least one of these theories.

Michael Barbieri Is Definitely Not Playing Ganke

Jon Watts probably felt he had to steer the Spider-Man fan base back in the right direction before we got entire blogs of Barbieri as Ganke — and a controversy on whitewashing of the character, who's Korean American in the comics. He also denied that Barbieri's role would be even remotely based on Ganke.

Does this increase the odds of Barbieri playing Harry Osborn? Watts doesn't reveal anything about whether Ganke is included in the film at all, but if we're assuming we won't get Miles Morales' storyline in Homecoming, it would also fit well with the theory that the recently cast Donald Glover is playing someone else.

Who's Donald Glover Playing In Homecoming?

Donald Glover in 'Community'
Donald Glover in 'Community'

The whole section of the internet that had been trying to make Donald Glover as Spider-Man happen since as early as 2010 rejoiced when he was finally cast by Marvel to star in Homecoming. But with the movie being set in high school, the actor's probably too old now to be fulfilling our fantasies by stepping into the shoes of Miles Morales, the second Spidey.

This being Marvel Comics, there are enough other possibilities. For example, what if Glover played Thomas Foster, a.k.a. Goliath? The appearance of the size-shifting hero would also make sense considering he's been linked to Wakanda, Ant-Man and even Tony Stark in the comics.

Goliath in the Marvel Comics
Goliath in the Marvel Comics

Which comic book characters do you think will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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