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To celebrate the birthday of former Doctor Who star, Arthur Darvill, on June 17, here are the best moments of everyone's favorite centurion, Rory Williams.

1. Rory's Stag Party — The Vampires Of Venice, S5 E6

Poor Rory. The look on his face when The Doctor bursts out of that cake, sexy music and all, is absolutely priceless.

2. Rory's Sacrifice — Cold Blood, S5 E9

Rory is struck down by Silurian Commander Restac's blaster after pushing The Doctor out of harm's way. He is then swallowed by a crack in time and erased from existence.. Temporarily, of course.

3. Rory Returns — The Pandorica Opens, S5 E12

The Doctor's disbelief upon discovering Rory apparently alive, living as a soldier in Ancient Rome, is amusing to watch.

4. Rory Punches The Doctor — The Big Bang, S5 E13

When The Doctor seemingly dismisses Amy's importance after Rory's dormant Auton programming awoke and forced him to shoot her, Rory punched him right in the face. Of course, it was all a ruse by The Doctor to prove Auton Rory's loyalty.

5. The Lone Centurion — The Big Bang, S5 E13

Rory Williams, The Lone Centurion, spends millennia guarding the Pandorica while his beloved Amy is locked inside.

6. "She Can Always Hear Me" — Day Of The Moon, S6 E2

After Amy is kidnapped by new villains The Silence, Rory shares these touching words:

"She can always hear me, Doctor. And she always knows that I am coming for her."

7. "Where Is My Wife?" — A Good Man Goes To War, S6 E7

Dressed in his Centurion armor once more, Rory shows the Cybermen he means business while on the hunt for information on the whereabouts of a kidnapped Amy.

8. "I Was Going To Be Cool!" — A Good Man Goes To War, S6 E7

Rory is moved to tears while holding his baby daughter, Melody, for the first time. Amy informs him that a crying Centurion with a baby is "definitely cool."

9. Rory Punches Hitler — Let's Kill Hitler, S6 E8

Rory punches Hitler, then locks him in a cupboard for the rest of the episode.

10. Rory And Future Amy — The Girl Who Waited, S6 E10

Rory is devastated to discover that he has arrived 36 years too late to save Amy from the Two Streams facility, coming face to face with an aged, war weary version of his wife.

"I don't care that you've grown old. Only that we didn't grow old together."

11. Father Of The Bride — The Wedding Of River Song, S6 E13

This one is really more for the whole Pond Family, but poor Rory's complete confusion about what is going on adds some humor to the emotional scene.

12. Rory And Amy Reunite — Asylum Of The Daleks, S7 E1

Rory, currently separated from Amy, offers to give her his nano-field bracelet after hers is stolen, wrongly reasoning that the Dalek transformation process will take longer for him as he has always loved her more. After Amy angrily sets him straight, revealing the truth of why she distanced herself from him, they share a passionate kiss, united once more.

Any great moments I've left out? Leave them in the comments!


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