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* Warning: this post contains spoilers for Narcos Season 2, a.k.a "what happened in real life."*

At the height of his power, Pablo Escobar was worth $30 billion. His savage yet shrewd reign of drug kingpin dominance made him, in the early 1990's, one of the 10 richest men in the world. Yet the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Narcos Season 2 looks set to shine a spotlight on Escobar's descent from dominance.

The successful Netflix series covered the rise and rise of Escobar, whizzing along at an ever increasing pace. With an air of authenticity helped by strong performances from the cast, spearheaded by the charismatic Wagner Moura in the lead role, Season 1 ended on a thrilling yet uncertain climax, and Season 2 is now available to stream.

What Next For The Narcos Plot?

Escobar escaped the plush private La Catedal Prison, where he was incarcerated by Colombian Authorities after surrendering himself in 1991. The scenes at the end of the season show the drug lord evading capture. These events occurred on 22 July, 1992.

But what happened next? And what does it mean for the plot in Narcos Season 2? Well, I promised spoilers, and here they are: in an interview on the chat show Chelsea, Moura himself revealed a huge spoiler: this season we'll see Escobar's death. While Season 1 covered an expansive 10 years of his life, Season 2 will be condensed to a number of months.

What next for Narcos? (Credit: Netflix)
What next for Narcos? (Credit: Netflix)

As horrifying as events were in real life, they will make for an explosive second season. Escobar's manipulation of authorities and the public increasingly raised agitation levels amongst both the Government and criminal gangs. He felt untouchable at his peak, but by 1992 his grip was starting to slide away from his mantel as "The King of Cocaine."

A Bloody, Vengeful Second Season

An integral angle from Season 1 was the involvement of the US — namely DEA agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal). In real life events, the US Joint Special Officers Command entered the manhunt for Escobar, while on the wrong side of the law, a violent vigilante group called Los Pepes hatched a plan to use extreme force to destroy the foundations of Escobar's empire.

DEA officers Murphy and Peña (Credit: Netflix)
DEA officers Murphy and Peña (Credit: Netflix)

For those who felt squeamish at the bloody violence in Season 1 may need to look away more frequently in Season 2. Los Pepes carried out their plan of attack by brutally slaying over 300 of Escobar's gang members and relatives. Such was the sense of urgency to find Pablo, US and Colombian intelligence agencies colluded with Los Pepes in an attempt to expedite their mission.

Pablo Escobar's Death

Ultimately, Escobar's demise came at the hands of Colombian police, who used surveillance technology to pinpoint his hiding spot in Medellín. When they approached his retreat, a gunfight between the police and Escobar's bodyguard. When the duo tried to escape, they were gunned down.

The real life Escobar
The real life Escobar

Escobar died from gunshot wounds in his legs, torso and head. Fittingly, for a man who was synonymously omnipotent and elusive, events around his death aren't clear cut: the person responsible for the fatal shot has never been found, and, as the shot was fired execution style through the ear, it led to speculation that Escobar was actually assassinated by another party.

Others believe Escobar killed himself, as he had allegedly claimed beforehand that if he was ever in trapped with no escape, he'd end his life. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how the show depicts Escobar's death, and whether they show the fatal shot being fired.

What About Narcos Season 3?

Finally, what will this mean for a potential third season? Considering the first received two Golden Globe nominations, and was generally lauded, it looks likely Netflix could commission a third run. Without Pablo, they may decide to turn their focus on other cartels who fill the void. Or delve deeper into the struggle between the police and criminal gangs.

Before then, though, we have Narcos Season 2 to binge on. It's on Netflix from today. Weekend sorted!

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