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Did you know that National Splurge Day is on June 18th?! Apparently, this awesome holiday was established in 1994 (!) and, according to,

"This day is a fun, feel-good holiday that was created for you to do something special for yourself."

Since finding out about National Splurge Day, I've been thinking about all the ways we can celebrate it. In honor of the national event, here's a list of 9 TV characters we can learn a thing or two from when it comes to splurging on what they love.

9. Mr. Burns — The Simpsons

Mr. Burn's See My Vest performance is an ode to splurging! Did you see the size of that closet?! The Simpsons's Mr. Burns, sings and dances about his splurges in this musical number for our pleasure. Up to this performance I would never have thought that the cold Mr. Burns could display his emotions in such an extravagant way, but when it comes to his wardrobe, Mr. Burns apparently goes all out Cruella de Vil style!

Best splurge: Grizzly bear vest

8. Cersei Lannister — Game of Thrones

Being part of the richest family in Westeros doesn't put a limit to one's splurging even if there's no shopping district around. Game of Thrones's very own Cersei Lannister loves showing of her power and money, so she lets the wine flow.

When her family's gold runs out she doesn't hesitate to borrow from Iron Bank of Braavos with no intention of ever paying it back, which puts her family in a tight spot. Cersei Lannister KNOWS how to finance her splurges.

Best splurge: Unlimited amounts of wine

7. Rachel Green — Friends

The fact that Rachel Green comes from a wealthy family never helped her control her impulse to splurge! In the very first episode of Friendsshe was looking for a job, but ended up buying boots instead. Isn't that the definition of splurging? Rachel knows how to splurge. Another great example is during the fourth season, when Ross was getting married (again), she decided to go out shopping because she felt sad, after all "retail therapy" does work. Eventually, Rachel becomes a less materialistic character, but that doesn't mean that she won't have a field day on National Splurge Day!

Best splurge: I'm-not-dependent-on-my-parents boots

6. Walter White — Breaking Bad

My favorite meth cook did his best to lie low and not attract attention to his funds, but his paternal instincts kicked in and he had to get Walter Jr. an awesome car. Breaking Bad is arguably one of my favorite TV Shows and one thing that really bothered me was that Walter had to lay low and couldn't enjoy the tons of money he was making. The story would have been so much more fun with him spending his drug lord money; I guess my morals are questionable. But crime doesn't pay so he was unable to keep the care. However, his splurge didn't end there as he decided to go all out on a drifting adventure that ended up in an explosion.

Best Splurge: Dodge Challenger

5. Jay Pritchett — Modern Family

Jay Pritchett from Modern Family in the episode "Not In My House" has brought home a little something that he bought with his casino winnings, after deciding he should buy a little something for himself. I think he went a tad over the top by buying Barkley, the dog butler.

This hilarious splurge caused so much distress to the family! Gloria, called Barkley "El Diabolo." Jay's had to leave Barkley with Mitchell and Cam, who end up taking it to a thrift store. Jay's purchase tells us to go for what we like and don't care about others' opinions (even if we have to return the item at the end). At the end of the day, a splurging is something very personal.

Best splurge: Dog Butler

4. Everyone — The Big Bang Theory

Many fans of The Big Bang Theory may think of Penny as the big spender on the show, as she is definitely not known for her ability to manage her finances and control her urge to buy shoes. However, the entire cast of splurges more than they care to admit and they definitely top Penny's love for shoes.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj splurge, giving in to their geeky nature, and buy collectibles and other random movie and comic memorabilia all the time, like that box in the picture above. They were going to get Chinese food, but they ended up buying a box at a garage sale. If this isn't a splurge, then what is? This led to them finding a genuine Lord Of The Rings ring that caused a lot of hilarious fighting between the friends.

Another great example is when Raj and Howard spent thousands of dollars on action figures of themselves? Yep, these geeks know how to splurge!

Best splurge: Lord Of The Rings ring (even though they didn't know they were buying it)

3. Donna and Tom — Parks and Recreation

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford enjoy their own annual "Treat Yo Self" day when they treat themselves to items they wouldn't normally get. In the particular episode they invite Ben Wyatte in all the fun because he has been feeling down. Come to think about it, their day sounds a lot like National Splurge Day to me! What I love about their splurge day in particular is that it's all about self-care, like a spa day minus the spa!

I feel like Parks and Recreation takes splurge day to a whole different level by adding the feel-good factor to it, which brings it all the way up to number three.

Best splurge: Batman costume

2. Neal Caffrey — White Collar

Neal Caffrey's charm is one of the things that made White Collar such a great show. Neal knows how to spend money even when he doesn't have it, so I wasn't surprised when he suggested that the FBI goes crazy and purchases luxurious items in order to catch the bad guy.

In this episode aptly called "Taking Account," Neal and Sara pose as millionaires and go on a shopping adventure spending millions of dollars. Look at the face of that guy in the picture above when Neal told him they need three helicopters! Priceless.

My personal favorite was the diamond jewelry. Only $1,165,140? Such a bargain!

This $87,713,490 splurging spree didn't make it to number one because they had to return the items - but that doesn't make their care-free attitude any less enjoyable to watch!

Best splurge: S&F diamond jewelry.

1. Carrie Bradshaw — Sex and the City

Carrie and her shoe obsession have to be number one! Her splurge game is seriously on point, putting Penny's (and pretty much everyone else's) shoe love to shame.

Carrie: I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!
Carrie: With no man in sight…I decided to rescue my ankles from a life of boredom by purchasing too many pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Carrie is the Queen of splurges because she's focused and committed. Carrie makes sure that she spends her cash on what she is passionate about. Even if it's just for one day, be like Carrie and treat yourself to what you love !

Best splurge: Manolo Blahnik metallic d'Orsays

Enjoy your National Splurge Day and let me know if you have any special plans!


How are you going to celebrate Splurge Day?


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