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Most of the Avengers, the Justice Leaguers or the X-Men have been romantically involved with multiple teammates over the past half-century or so. Sometimes they marry, sometimes they have kids, sometimes they get cloned, and on more than a few occasions things have been livened up with a dash of good, old-fashioned incest. Why? Because these are comic book characters, and in the realm of comics, pretty much nothing is off-limits. Insanity breeds insanity.

Considering her Omega-level mutation lives in the same body as the Phoenix force, which manifests visually as a huge, flaming mirror image of herself, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Jean Grey has enjoyed one of the most fiery romantic and sexual histories of any comic book hero out there. Without further ado, let's take a look back at a selection of Jean's wildest sexual adventures on the page.

Warning: Nothing you are about to read makes any sense whatsoever without the full context of the comic book it came from. Some of it doesn't make much sense with the context, either. And that's why we love comics.

That Time She Convinced Scott And Emma Frost To Make Out On Her Grave

First, a little context: After experiencing one of her many deaths, Jean Grey's spirit is sent 150 years into the future, for reasons not worth even trying to wrap your head around. From that future, Jean discovers that Scott was so torn up about losing (ostensibly) the love of his life, he spiraled and eventually that caused the entire world to fall apart (the world probably should have known better than to rely on Cyclops for anything, but hey).

Identifying the singular moment everything went off-piste as Scott turning down a kiss from the morally-corrupt serial seductress Emma Frost (who's spent basically forever trying to get her snowy paws on him), Jean's spirit sends Scott a psychic message: "Do the dirty with that furry blonde tramp." (Actually, she said "Live, Scott. Live." I prefer my version.)

The message is received, and we're treated to a view of Scott and Emma going full-on a graveyard...on Jean's grave. You may consider that classless, and you'd be right, but are you really surprised? This is Emma Frost we're talking about, the predator who once professed that "Bereavement always fills me with an unforgivable lust." Can't she just cry, like a normal person?

That Time Xavier Met Jean And Was All "Oh Hey, Sexy 16-Year-Old!"

If for some reason you're OK with a make-out session on the fresh earth under which your love is buried, you have a chance to redeem yourself: cast your eyes over these panels in which Charles Xavier meets his most powerful protege in X-Men #1.

"A most attractive young lady," Xavier counsels his team of X-Men as they lay eyes on Jean, which is pretty weird, considering Jean is established to be 16 while Charles is 30-something. As if to reinforce this point, we later get a totally gratuitous view of Jean trying on her costume for size while the other X-Men leer, because having lived so long in a sausage house they're essentially just gagging for it.

Still, Xavier's words could be more or less harmless, like when your jovial uncle gives you a hug that's just a little too squeezy-squeezy...right?


Yes, Charles, the reason this romance is so wrong there ought to be a neon sign spelling out the words BACK OFF, HORNDOG flashing overhead has everything to do with your paralysis and nothing to do with the fact that she's a teenager and you're a middle-aged man in whom she trusts as her mentor.

This comic came out in 1964, but don't think for a second that this kind of thing was basically just OK back then. It was still an extreme abuse of trust bordering on something much more illegal, as evidenced by the fact that it was immediately buried and consigned to history. (Cyclops probably made out with Emma Frost on top of it at some point. Ah, unforgivable lust.)

The Madelyne Pryor Saga

This one is kind of a cheat, because it doesn't actually involve Jean Grey per se, but rather her clone, Madelyne Pryor, the result of an experiment by the genetics-obsessed supervillain Mister Sinister, which would come to wreak extreme havoc on the lives of both Scott Summers and Jean.

Everything about this story was (to say the least), demented, and can basically be summarized as follows: In the wake of Jean's death (because of course she's dead, she's Jean Grey!) Cyclops falls for Madelyne Pryor, a woman who just so happens to be an exact visual replica of the love of Scott's life.

Together they have a child, Nathan Summers (the mutant who'd come to be known as Cable), but Jean is resurrected like the human boomerang she is, and Cyclops decides he'd actually like to be with his proper girlfriend and not the evil imposter he was idiotic enough to marry.

Nathan grows up with some serious mommy issues (she is evil, as signified by that smirk), Madelyne becomes a demon and eventually commits suicide, and everyone is supremely relieved it's all over. Naturally, Cyclops trots off into the sunset with Jean at his side and nary a blemish on his good name.

That Time Wolverine And Jean Did Sexy Hugs While Hurtling Toward The Sun On Asteroid M

Absolutely no context necessary.

It's cool though, the sun triggered the Phoenix and they both survived to embrace nakedly another day.


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