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Psycho is officially 56 years old today and not even 56 pages of analysis could begin to scratch the surface of this classic thriller's legacy. Sure, you could watch the numerous sequels, a questionable remake and the surprisingly awesome TV prequel, Bates Motel, but there's far more to Alfred Hitchcock's classic than that.

On June 16, 1960, Psycho slashed it's way into the hearts and minds of pop culture fans forever, preventing entire generations from taking a shower without looking over their shoulders at least once.

To celebrate the impact of Alfred Hitchcock's groundbreaking horror, join us as we count down seven of the funniest and downright strangest shower scene parodies ever seen on TV and film.

1. Looney Tunes: Back In Action (2003)

Jenna Elfman surprises Bugs Bunny while showering in this unusual live action/animated hybrid, which features poor Bugsy pouring chocolate syrup down the drain. Fun fact: Hitchcock substituted the blood for chocolate, so it would show up better on camera slash taste amazing.

2. High Anxiety (1977)

Mel Brooks took on a huge task with the film High Anxiety, lampooning Hitchcock's entire filmography in one hilarious spoof. One of the film's highlights is the inevitable Psycho shower parody, where Brooks is attacked with a newspaper by a disgruntled motel employee. Bonus points for the innovative use of ink and for substituting the terrifying strings with the high-pitched cries of an angry bellhop.

3. The Simpsons (1990)

While most shows homage the infamous shower scene within a bathroom setting, The Simpsons typically chose a far more clever route, moving the action to the garage, where Maggie attacks Homer with a hammer. The entire sequence is replicated shot-for-shot, using the same music to create a funny, yet also slightly unnerving parody that ends with red paint flowing down the drain like blood.

4. That '70s Show (2000)

For it's third season, That '70s Show filmed a Halloween episode called 'Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die' that was packed to the brim with movie references, including a hilarious but not so surprising nod to Psycho's signature scene.

Not sure if Janet Leigh wore those Hulk briefs in the original scene though.

5. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (2007)

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is supposedly a comedic anime that revolves around a pessimistic teacher, but this beautifully drawn Psycho homage is slightly terrifying out of context, if also a little absurd.

What sets this parody apart from others on this list though is the unique way that the killer changes between each shot, transforming into numerous pop culture icons, including the likes of Freddy Krueger and Bruce Lee. Watch the clip to see if you can spot every character and freak yourself out a little too while you're at it.

6. Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)

Poor Dizzy. All he wants to do is rinse some spicy food out of his mouth, but that evil little brat Elmyra bursts into the bathroom without even knocking, freaking the little critter out with her disturbing silhouette and then proceeds to violently clean him until he can't even walk straight. More terrifying than a thousand glimpses of Norman Bates.

7. Scream Queens (2015)

Of course, we decided to save the best for last and it doesn't get much better than a slick homage starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the daughter of the original shower scene victim, Janet Leigh.

Curtis has had plenty of practice as a scream queen in her own right, setting a new benchmark for in the original Halloween, so it's only fitting that she would pay homage to her mother's oscar nominated performance with a shot-for-shot recreation of her most famous scene.

The best part of the whole parody though is when Scream Queens flips the scene on it's head, allowing Curtis's character to fight back while shouting the immortal line;

“I’ve seen that movie 50 times!”

As we all have Jamie, as we all have.

In case these parodies have made you feel a little nostalgic, make sure you check out Hitchcock's original movie and read more about the fascinating story behind Anthony Perkins, the man who brought Norman Bates to life on screen.

Which Alfred Hitchcock film is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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