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British-born Dominic Sherwood has already been on the Hollywood circuit for quite some time when he landed his hottest role to date — that of Jace Wayland in the TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare's sexy, action-packed novel series The Mortal Instruments:

Catapulting him to hella hot celebrity status, since the greatly-anticipated premiere of Shadowhunters at the beginning of 2016, he's certainly solidified his position as TV's next big thing.

Yet, how much do you really know about Dominic Sherwood? With news that Shadowhunters has just been renewed for another season, familiarize yourself with the British babe with the following 9 facts:

1. Dominic Sherwood was born in Kent, England

His studies in Drama and Theater sparked his undying love for the performing arts, which definitely helped him get to where he is today.

2. He's insanely good at the guitar

Alongside acting, his passion for music rings true all over his Instagram account. And if you can't get enough, he's even got a few videos milling about on YouTube, like this cover of Jason Mraz's 'Song for a Friend' for instance:

3. Dom has two different colored eyes — a blue one and a half-blue, half-brown one

The difference in coloration is called a heterochromia, which is often genetic or caused by an excess, or lack of, melanin.

4. After finishing his studies, he worked abroad in Kenya

He was there for six months before he returning to London, where he began working as an actor full-time. Speaking of his experiences, he once said:

"It was amazing, it was the most humbling experience ... Some of the things we saw were the most beautiful sunrises and beaches, just from an aesthetic point of view, but I also met some of the most inspirational people."

5. In 2014, he landed his first notable role in Vampire Academy

Source: Angry Films
Source: Angry Films

He played the character of Christian Ozera in the horror satire which brings to life the story of a bunch of teen vamps.

6. Yep, he's that hot guy in Taylor Swift's music video

Source: Big Machine/Republic
Source: Big Machine/Republic

Yep, that's him with that James Dean day dream look in his eye in 'Style.'

7. He's head over heels in love with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland

These two have been an item since February 2015, having met while filming Vampire Academy.

8. These two lovebirds are even proud parents to a pup!

They rescued the cute little thing together and called him Boo. Just look at those adorable puppy dog eyes!

9. Oh, and Dom's really into Greek mythology by the way

So much so, that he's even got a tattoo of Hermes on his leg. He's also admitted in an interview:

"I'm very into Greek mythology and always have been ... [If I could play a god,] Ares, maybe. God of War, 'cause I think he would probably be one of the most interesting or even Hades. I think Hades would be quite interesting ... and he was banished down so there's so much about that story that a lot of people don't really realize that it was Zeus that was the bad one."

What's your favorite thing about Dominic Sherwood?


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