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Miles Morales has become one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics. The funniest thing about his rise to the top is that he has only been around for five years or so — his first appearance was in Ultimate Fallout Issue 4 in August 2011). Miles is a totally different Spider-Man than Peter Parker on a lot of levels.

Chief among them is that he is more relatable. Miles isn't a genius who can create web-shooters and spider-tracers from junkyard parts. Miles is street smart, possibly more charismatic, and has a little more common sense than Peter Parker does. He also doesn't freak out as easy as Peter used to when he started out as a hero. These are things that may have made people take to Miles so quickly.

Over the last couple of years, fans of the character have speculated about if — or perhaps whenhe will get his own movie. If there is going to be a movie starring Miles Morales, there are certain people in Miles' life that are as essential to him as Aunt May, Mary Jane, and J. Jonah Jameson are to Peter Parker.

Rio And Jefferson, Miles' Parents

Miles' dad (Jefferson Davis) was completely against super beings and felt that they would eventually be the downfall of the country and maybe even the world. Probably because Jefferson's first real interaction with super beings was a negative one: When he was undercover working for Nick Fury, he ended up in a physical altercation with the mutant Toad. Since then, Jefferson's been prejudice against people with powers.

Miles' mom, on the other hand, thought it was cool that they lived in such an amazing world. Rio was the light in Miles' life and the happiness when Jefferson was angry and pessimistic. When Rio died, she admitted she was proud of Miles for being Spider-Man and for being a hero. Miles had no idea she knew. But a mother always does, don't they?


Years later during Galactus' attempt to consume the world, Miles came out and told his father he was Spider-Man in an attempt to save him. Jefferson disowned him and left their home before eventually coming back to tell Miles why he left explain himself. With his father's blessing, Miles continued being Spider-Man.

Miles isn't like Peter Parker. Miles needs the approval of the people closest to him in order for him to keep doing what he's doing. So with his mom dead and his dad not believing in what he does, Miles always had a lingering doubt about continuing the Spider-Man legacy.

Thankfully, Peter's Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and even Mary Jane all vouched for Miles and fully supported everything he's been doing. Eventually his dad came to terms with who his son was and when his mother was brought back to life, Miles had everything he needed to be a more confident Spider-Man.

Uncle Aaron A.K.A. The Prowler

If Miles hadn't gone to see the criminal in the family — Uncle Aaron — in the first place, he wouldn't have gotten bit by the spider. Actually, if his Uncle Aaron hadn't gone to Norman Osborn's old lab and the spider hadn't hitched a ride with him, Miles would have never gotten bit to begin with. After Uncle Aaron realizes that he is directly responsible for his nephew getting powers, things go from bad to worst very quickly.

Uncle Aaron immediately latched onto Miles and tried to manipulate him into becoming his muscle. Miles did do one job with his Uncle Aaron and took down The Scorpion. He figured the Scorpion was a bad guy that needed to be taken down. No harm in helping. After that, Miles planned to stop working with his uncle. But Aaron threatened to go to Miles' father and tell him Miles' secret. This lead to a fight that eventually lead to the death of Uncle Aaron.

It's almost like no Spider-Man can have an uncle. Even though Miles' mother dying was more traumatic, Miles thinking he was responsible for his uncle's death was important as well. Miles learned a valuable lesson: Not everybody in his life was there to help him.

Uncle Aaron was the first person he trusted and that trust was immediately betrayed. Aaron told Miles he would help him learn to use his powers and take down some bad guys. Once his Uncle Aaron realized how powerful his nephew was, he decided that he was going to use him to become the new kingpin of New York. It was also the first time Miles stood up for what he knew was right regardless of who the person was. These were hard lessons Miles had to learn. Unfortunately he had to learn them by watching his uncle die.


A shoulder to cry on.
A shoulder to cry on.

The one thing that the majority of superheroes don't have are friends that are not in the superhero business. A person who can see things from a perspective of a normal person. For Miles Morales, that person is his best friend Ganke Lee. Ganke has been Miles' friend since they were little kids and was the first person Miles confided in after he realized he had powers.

When Miles first got his abilities, it was Ganke who talked him into using his powers to help people in need. And when Miles quit after his mother died, Ganke was one of the people who never stopped believing in him and helped him get back on the saddle of being Spider-Man again.

Ganke remains the most important person in Miles' life. The voice of reason and the guy who always reminds him that what he does is important. While Miles thought of his new powers as a curse, Ganke looked at Miles and saw nothing but potential and helped guide him on the path to becoming a superhero.

Maybe the most important moment in Miles' life as Spider-Man was when Miles quit and refused to put the suit on again for years. Ganke called Miles out for being selfish and a coward, reminding him that his mother was proud of him and what he was doing as Spider-Man. Everybody — hero or not — needs a person who's there with a pat on the back or a kick in the butt.

Aunt May and Gwen Stacy

As important as Ganke and Miles' parents are to Miles' life it's highly doubtful that Miles would have continued to be Spider-Man if he didn't receive the blessings of Peter Parker's family. Before Peter's funeral, Miles asked Gwen Stacy why Peter did what he did and she told him the story of Peter's Uncle Ben and, naturally, that with great power comes great responsibility.

At first Miles was somewhat ashamed of doing what he did because Peter Parker had just died, but he also felt bad that he wasn't there for Peter when it happened. Once Aunt May showed up with Peter's old web-shooters, Miles realized that what he was doing was the right thing to do.

The support of Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, and Peter Parker is a must. It's especially important considering Miles became Spider-Man so soon after Peter's death. Like Ganke, Gwen Stacy was there for Miles with a slap in the face as well as motivational words when it was needed. And Aunt May is probably Miles' biggest supporter. Thanks to them, Miles became the new Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe.

A Miles Morales movie is could eventually happen as long as the popularity of Miles continues to grow. But the people I mentioned above are instrumental in making a Miles Morales movie and doing it right.

Who else is important to the life of Miles Morlaes? Let me know in the comments below.


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