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Now that Suicide Squad is almost within touching distance, with only 35 days until release (at time of publication), it's time to start asking the important questions. Like will we see someone get their head blown up by a bomb in their neck? Or will we see Arm-Fall-Off-Boy at some point? Or will the film be set before or after Batman v Superman? Let's get right into it.

The Evidence That Says "Before"

Batmobile Justice League vs Suicide Squad
Batmobile Justice League vs Suicide Squad

There are a few clues that point to it being set prior to Batman v Superman. First and foremost is the picture comparison of the Batmobile above. On the left is the car in Suicide Squad, and on the right is the one from Justice League, which we know to be set soon after Batman v Superman. What is worth noting is the lack of guns on the front for Squad when JL and BvS both have a turret sitting on the hood. The implication that I interpret is that Suicide Squad is set in a time before Batman went down the dark path we saw him in for Dawn of Justice, hence why he wouldn't have machine guns slapped on his car.

Another potentially major clue is that the Joker is still alive. We saw in Batman v Superman that the Dark Knight was perfectly willing to kill people, so if this was set after that, then there would be no reason for Batman to have not already just shoved a kryptonite spear through the Joker already. There's possibly a way to write around that, but I can't personally see how you could excuse all of these villains being alive if Batman was been on a killing spree for more than a day.

The Evidence That Says "After"

angry superman
angry superman

Well obviously the fact that the movie comes out after Batman v Superman has already been been and gone would imply that Suicide Squad is set after that movie; but prequels are hardly a new concept.

In terms of actual evidence, we know that the film is at least set after Man of Steel because Trailer 3 mentions him:

The context and way it's phrased would imply that it's after his temporary death in Dawn of Justice, but it's hardly definitive. What is definitive is that if the film was set between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, then Supes would just swoop in and stop everything from going sideways, as it inevitably will.

Beyond that, there's the obvious flashbacks to Harley Quinn's origins, which would be weird to have if it's already a prequel, because that would be kind of confusing. On top of that, you could argue that Batman saving Harley Quinn in the trailer implies that it's after Batman v Superman because he seemed to kind of sort of maybe be implied to perhaps give up killing after that film.


There's definitely going to be flashbacks in Suicide Squad, that much is certain, and it might explain things like the batmobile. However, I really can't think of a conceivable way to rationalise why Batman wouldn't kill the Joker. Despite that, I reckon that the film will be set after Batman v Superman, for the reasons above, and because there's no real reason for it to be set beforehand. Still, I guess we'll find out on August 5th. In the meantime though, let us know when you think Suicide Squad will be set below. Or don't, it's your life after all. But please do.


When do you think 'Suicide Squad' is set?


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