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As much as I adore The Office US, The Office UK is an entirely different beast. The two season mockumentary starring Ricky Gervais is one of the most hilarious, awkward, mortifying and weirdly mesmerising shows I have ever seen. It has now been announced, much to the delight of Office fans the world over, that Netflix has picked up the series and are turning it into a movie to be aired in 2017.

I can't wait to see David Brent return as his awful, awful self, so in the mean time let's remind ourselves of some of the face grabbingly awkward moments The Office UK has given us.

5. The Interview

A wonderfully awkward moment when David interviews Karen as his new secretary. Desperate to impress her, he becomes a complete creep and will have you screaming PLEASE STOP by the end of the scene.

4. Gareth's Rules of Romance

Gareth's bizarre way with the ladies is highlighted by the way he asks Rachel out. I don't know why she wan't interested.

3. The Motivational Speech

David is invited to speak at a training session for a bit of extra cash, and decides to turn the whole thing into a motivation speech in a desperate attempt to be cool and relevant. This is probably my personal favorite scene, and the best use of Tina Turner's 'Simply the Best' I have ever.

2. David Brent's Single

The last two episodes of The Office UK were the 2003 Christmas specials, where a down-and-out and slightly desperate David Brent spends all his money producing probably the most cringe-worthy single ever. I know this was 2003, but really.

1. The Dance

The single best moment of The Office, period. David is perpetually threatened and undermined by UK General Manager of Werham Hogg paper company. During a charity event, he and Rachel prepare a great rendition of Saturday Night Fever, leaving David with the need to prove he too, has some epic moves.

What do you want to see from The Office UK movie?


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