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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Preacher comic series and possibly for the TV series as well.

We're now three episodes into AMC's new series Preacher and despite it being a ton of fun, there are a lot of characters who still remain very mysterious. Two such characters are Fiore (Tom Brooke) and DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef), the cowboy-hat-wearing duo who showed up in the very first episode. Although we're getting closer to learning more about this strange pair, it looks like they'll remain largely unexplained for much of the first half of Season 1.

But if there's nothing you hate more than not knowing vital pieces of information, then fear not. Below I'll explain in great detail who exactly Fiore and DeBlanc are, and how they fit into the Preacher universe.

One more spoiler warning, from here on in we really get into the thick of it!

A Bit Of A Heavenly Backstory

The creation of Genesis.
The creation of Genesis.

The first thing you should know is that whether or not you believe it, in the Preacher universe God and Heaven do exist. In fact, God was so lonely in Heaven that He created the angels so He had someone to love him. God also created the humans, a decision which was not popular, and caused many angels to rebel and be cast from Heaven and into Hell.

Eventually God conducted one more creation experiment when He arranged for a Seraphi angel and a demon to procreate. However, as soon as baby Genesis was born, God realized that He had inadvertently created something as strong as He was and fled Heaven, leaving the angels in charge.

The Adelphi angels (a class of angels who are the administrators and bureaucrats in Heaven) were charged with keeping Genesis caged, but soon found it was an impossible task when Genesis escaped and found a home in — yep, you guessed it, in Jesse Custer.

What Do Fiore And DeBlanc Have To Do With This?

The Adelphi — Fiore, DeBlanc and Pilo.
The Adelphi — Fiore, DeBlanc and Pilo.

Fiore and DeBlanc are two Adelphi angels who were blamed for Genesis' escape from Heaven. In the comic series, they attempt to remedy the situation by awaking The Saint of Killers to track down Custer (and therefore Genesis) and attempt to kill him. Eventually, after a series of failures, Fiore and DeBlanc are banished to Earth, where they lived out their lives indulging in Earthly pleasures.

Are Fiore And DeBlanc The Same On The TV Series As In The Comic Series?

Fiore and DeBlanc in "Preacher."
Fiore and DeBlanc in "Preacher."

While we saw a quick glimpse of the Saint in the opening of Episode 2, it seems as though the TV series has diverted from the source material and Fiore and DeBlanc have been given bigger roles in their recovery of Genesis.

The duo are introduced to the TV series after they investigate a series of human explosions at various religious organizations, eventually leading them to Jesse in Annville, Texas. After finding their man, they now seem to be in the process of attempting to extract Genesis from Jesse and get the entity back into the coffee can it had been kept in.

DeBlanc with Genesis' coffee can.
DeBlanc with Genesis' coffee can.

After the lullaby “Wynken, Blynken and Nod" fails to extract Genesis and Fiore's chainsaw plan was thwarted by Cassidy, it seemed both Fiore and DeBlanc had been killed. However, in actuality the pair simply reanimated (they are angels, after all), ready for another go at putting Genesis back where the entity belongs.

Following a second death at the hands of Cassidy (this time they were run over!), the two revealed to Cassidy that they were from Heaven, and in turn Cassidy offered to be the middleman for the pair, persuading Jesse to give them what they wanted.

That's all we know about the pair for the time being, and three episodes into Preacher, they're about as close to a villain as the series has, purely in the sense that they're prepared to kill Jesse in order to recover Genesis. After this week's revelation that the pair are literally Heaven sent, it shouldn't be too long until we get their full backstory with Genesis and God, and see Jesse's true quest begin. I cannot wait.

Preacher returns with Episode 4 "Monster Swamp" on Sunday, June 19.

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